Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kitus - Apres l'After (2009 France) @320

You like dancing? If so, you'll be thrilled, if this is not the case, you will discover a passion you unexpected! Our desire is to make you up from your chair at any cost and it hopes to achieve! Four instruments: a fiery accordion, flute crazy, guitar and violin refined lit, these are the ingredients of our training, embellished with a pinch of complicity, a touch of festivity and a large dose of conviviality , will you cook with a repertoire of traditional dances from Central France, inviting you to his table and you serve a ball on a platter consisting of dances as delicious as each other; the menu: scottishes, waltzes, bourrée 2 temps et 3 temps, polkas and mazurkas other delight both your feet than your ears! Enjoy!

1 - Marsillat / Carré de L'Hypothénuse
2 - Adèle Blanc Sec / Badinerie / 25c rue Morel Ladeuil
3 - On a bien cinq minutes
4 - Jean Pons / Pierre Laboura
5 - Recuerdos / Polka de la Limagne
6 - En Haut du Col / Florine / Encore une nuit à l'auberge
7 - La Bussière / L'Artifice
8 - Mazurka de St Alyre
9 - Polka de Maurs
10 - Santa Morena
11 - Jam Session / Après l'after

Kitus : 
Fabien Guiloineau (Guitare, bouzouki)
Yannick Guyader (accordéon diatonique)
Luc Roche (Violon)
Sylvain Vuidart (Flûtes)


Yojik said...
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CrimsonKing said...

Thank you friend :)

Yojik said...

My pleasure, CK :)

Luigi said...

Danke! Eine tolle Gruppe mit fantastischer Musik.

Yojik said...

to Luigi:
Nichts zu danken!:)

Yojik said...
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Maurice ALLAIN said...

Le lien est mort ; Dommage

CrimsonKing said...


Après l'after

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