Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mick Conneely - Selkie (Ireland 2001) [320]

Mick Conneely: fiddle, bouzouki
Mick Conneely Sr.: fiddle
Niall O'Callanain: bouzouki

Those who have heard Mick's fiddle playing before are likely to remember his gutsy, intense, style of playing, admittedly  influenced by that of Frankie Gavin, with whom Mick shares a penchant for "self-accompaniment" with much double-stopping as well as tricky bow work, and those who like it will enjoy greatly the music on "Selkie." The album was recorded live and analog in a German studio, with bouzouki accompaniments by Niall O'Callanain, and a guest appearance by Mick Conneely Sr. on fiddle. Mick's choice of tunes, a nicely balanced combination of old standards and newer tunes, provides the perfect vehicle for a great display of his abilities as a player and as an improviser. Although it is difficult and unfair perhaps to single out one track over the others, the hornpipes "The Showman's Fancy" and "Flee as a Bird" stand out in my mind for the sheer virtuosity of Mick's playing, while the reel track "The Glen of Aherlow/The Bear Island Reel/The Green Fields of Glentown" makes a brilliant medley played with great flair. Mick's acknowledgement of his debt to the tradition is expressed through having his father, Mick Senior, play on a couple of tracks, one in duet with his son, and another where Mick Junior accompanies his father on bouzouki, Alec-Finn-style. You can definitely hear where Mick Junior got a lot of his music, as his father's playing would deserve an album all of its own.

1.    Jenny's Wedding; The Old Bush; Scotch Mary    5:16
2.    Cailleach An Airgid; The Cat In The Corner; The Looharadhawn's Jig    4:37
3.    The Road To Cashel; Salthill Prom    3:12
4.    The Providence; The Eel In The Sink; The Culfada    5:35
5.    A Roll Of The Dice; A Fig For A Kiss    3:39
6.    The Showman's Fancy; Flee As A Bird    4:22
7.    Dinny O'Brian's; Farewell To Connacht; The Gravel Walk    5:45
8.    Farewell To Jim; That's More Of It    3:08
9.    The Jug Of Punch; Sergeant Early's Dream; Oaddy Fahy's Reel; Mullingar Races    5:11
10.    McGlinchey's; McFadden's Handsome Doughter; I Have No Money    4:29
11.    The Humours Of Bandon; Planxty Maggie Brown    4:40
12.    The Glen Of Aherlow; Ríl Bhéarra; The Green Fields Of Glentown    6:04
13.    The Bird InThe Bush; The Longford Tinker    3:51


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