Thursday, April 21, 2016

Barka Vall - Skogsflot (Finland 2000) @192

Beautiful Swedish Styled folk rock with female vocals, heavy metal electric bass, organ, male harmonies, and some extra instruments. All tracks are more or less in the same balance between the music instruments. It goes into the direction of some of the metal folk bands, but remains always within the folk territory, while all the other musical elements like some jazz, medieval, ethnic with even now and then a few heavy metal guitar touches, only illustrating. Where some bands as Hedningarna have so many contrasts, making it difficult to me to listen to the CD's too often, such ideas might have lead in this band to a certain approach towards some harmony, which results makes this CD most pleasant to listen to.

1. Djävulsfält - 05:48
2. Skam över mig - 03:19
3. Kallbrand - 03:52
4. Få min gråt - 03:58
5. Själaskrik - 04:17
6. Dansa dig vild - 05:45
7. Blotargille - 05:19
8. Stilla wärk - 04:58
9. I vinets dimmor - 06:01
10. Herr Peders sjöresa - 06:26
11. Ingen till rors - 07:24
12. Hidden track - 05:12

Ella Grüssner - vocals, violin 
Isabella Sarling - vocals, percussion 
Torgny Stjärnfelt - guitar, vocals 
Niclas Stjärnfelt - percussion, vocals 
Örjan Sjöström - keyboards, vocals 
Hans-Erik Ramström - bass 
Tony Mattsson - drums


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Beautiful album! Thanks!

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