Friday, April 8, 2016

Cecilia - In Bad (2011 Belgium) @320

Originally a duo of flute/cornet and hurdy-gurdy/cittern, they were joined by diatonic accordion player Greet Wuyts, a move that’s filled out the sound and greatly opened up the possibilities. For a three-piece they often sound like a small orchestra, as on “Mistige Jig/Dorothea,” which bristles with energy, something true of all the pieces here. There’s real invention in the music, and when a violin pops up on “Onze Ogen,” it brings yet another dimension, taking it almost to a Paris café or cabaret. It’s nice, and offers a change, but they really don’t need it: their driving dance sound, which veers on the medieval because of the instruments, is fine without any adornment. They manage delicacy well, too, as “Pentreffest” proves, showing yet another facet of their abilities. The way they work together, making it seem utterly natural, marks them as one of the more outstanding new groups to come along. And this is merely their debut; the potential for the future is tremendous.

1. 'Badsuite': Mominette / ScLOTisch / In Bad           7:18
2. Cecilia                                              6:14
3. Abracadabra                                          3:57
4. Minikimonomazurka                                    5:40
5. Plumeau                                              4:51
6. Salade niçoise                                       5:39
7. Mistige Jig / Dorothea                               5:39
8. Onze Ogen                                            6:38
9. Pentreffest / Winterblues                            7:24
10. Voor Leen                                           3:57
11. Les filles des canards / Mieux que le vin / Merlot  4:19
12. Tournerol                                           4:02


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In Bad

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