Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lirio - Hanterdroom (2012 Netherlands) @320

Balfolk is a kind of danceparty where West-European folkmusic is being played and people dance in couples. The Dutch folk trio Lirio started the organisation of these wonderful events about ten years ago in Utrecht (central of the Netherlands). It gave the group lots of succes. Their second album ‘Hanterdroom‘ is again danceable folk orientated cd.

Lirio: Gerdien Smit – violin, Sander van der Schaaf – guitar en Wouter Kuyper – diatonic accordion, who wrote all the pieces. Waltz, mazurka, bourée which fit in the tradition: with exciting melody’s and a fresh (dance)structure. Folk music got this melancholic sense which you can feel on ‘Hanterdroom’: the music is joyful and melancholic at the same time, a lovely dual feeling. The harmonics and rhytmics are filled in an original way by the violin- (solo in ‘Mixoscottisch’) and guitar-accompinies (solo in ‘Scottish’), lard with melodic en solistic fragments. This brings surprising music. Really beautiful are the accordion ornaments on one note (‘Hanterdroom‘), found in the exciting Brittany music. ‘Hanterdroom’ (‘Hanterdream’) is Lirio’s second album and brings a new fresh folk impulse where ‘dream’ and ‘reallity’ fit wonderful together in danceable movement. Remarkable detail: in the cd-book you’ll find the score and the chords of the melody’s.

Gerdien Smit – violin
Sander van der Schaaf – guitar
Wouter Kuyper – diatonic accordion

1. Hanterdroom                            4:59
2. Wals in de wilgen                      3:59
3. Afke's mazurka                         5:24
4. Scottish à Bruno / Scottish Vreeswijk  3:55
5. NS-wals                                5:07
6. Coockabourrée                          4:06
7. Mixoscottish                           3:48
8. Driekwartbourrée                       3:08
9. En Flandre / Scottish à Paris          4:17
10. Vert de gris / Oudejaarsavondbourrée  3:06
11. Lentebourrée                          3:04
12. Wals en een beetje                    4:55
13. Mazurka voor een mus                  5:10


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