Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lirio - Lirio (2005 Netherlands) @320

Lirio is a Dutch folk band focussing on French and Dutch/Belgian traditional music. They perform a lot on bal-folk events in Holland and Belgium. This is their first full length cd, they have been part of the NAP cd, a cd they recorded together with some other Dutch folk groups. There is something strange going on with this debut cd. The recordings are three years old and the group has grown a lot since then. Besides that, the cd includes musicians that are no longer part of the band. The result is a nice acoustic folk cd that focuses on music that is perfect for the bal folk concerts. It are the violin and accordion that play the main part in Lirio’s music, besides these instruments some bagpipe, guitar and bass makes it complete. Iris Ficker is guest musician who takes care of all the vocal works in a nice way. That actually describes Lirio the best, it’s a nice group with a promising sound but on this cd it is still in development. The musical arrangements are a bit simple and could use some more originality and I think the band should develop a kind of unique Lirio sound before recording a new cd. Actually, this got much better the past years, that’s why it’s such a pity they decided to issue a cd with old recordings. Keep following this young and fresh Dutch band, they have the potential to be one of Holland’s prominent folk groups in near future.

1. Les environs de St Chartier (ofwel Aaah)  3:53
2. Blauwbaardwals                            4:29
3. Het regende seer                          4:25
4. Dubbele trekzakbourrée                    3:57
5. Andrito                                   3:02
6. Forumscottish                             3:42
7. Gutmuntpolka                              3:30
8. Rondo                                     4:04
9. De morgensterre                           3:58
10. Leliejig                                 3:06
11. Skascottish                              4:46
12. Piazolla                                 2:50
13. Marco's Cercle                           4:17


Anonymous said...

Lirio are great! Thank you, Yojik.
Do you know the group "Tarducci"? From log time I'm looking for thei cd "Edi"...
Haven't it?
Thank you.
Have a nice day.

Yojik said...

Not at all, Cino.
Unfortunatelly I don`t have Tarducci.

Xy Yz said...

could I kindly ask you to reupload?
Thank you in advance!

CrimsonKing said...



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