Friday, April 8, 2016

Rue du Canal - 1er étage (2013 France / Ireland) @320

Formed in early 2013 Rue du Canal was created as a vehicle for performing the compositions of legendary French accordionist Serge Desaunay. Serge started off playing with La Chiffonnie a groundbreaking French folk group of the 70’s. After that he spent several years playing music with his brother Patrick. Après La Pluie (1979) and Le Beau Temps (1984), the two albums released by the brothers, are regarded today as milestones in French folkmusic. While mainly concentrating on Serges compositions, Rue du Canal also traverses the musical styles of musette and tango. Rue du Canal also includes Ray Barron on mandolin/mandola, Kieran Fahy on fiddle and Gaspard Vanardois on guitar/oud.Kieran originally from Tuam, County Galway has been living in Belgium since 1983. At present he tours regularly in France, Holland and Belgium with his band Shantalla. He has recorded on over 30 CD’s to date. Kieran also contributes some of his compositions to the mix. Ray has been playing music for over 35 years. He has toured all over Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. He is renowned for his dexterous and exciting mandolin playing. Ray has recorded four albums with his group Two Time Polka and continues to tour and play with the band on a regular basis. Gaspard has played with Serge in their Eastern European styled gypsy band Taraf Borzo.His guitar playing drives the whole combination along with its gypsy swing type accompaniment. Gaspard also plays the Arabic oud which brings an exotic taste of the East to the band.

Gaspard Vanardois: Guitars, Oud
Kieran Fahy: Violin
Serge Desaunay: Diatonic Accordion
Ray Barron: Mandolin


1. Valse à Joseph 3:46    
2. Est ouest / soleil d'octobre 5:41    
3. El Choclo  3:21    
4. Rue du Canal 3:25    
5. Inion Ni Scannlain 4:11    
6. Pendu au plafond  3:14    
7. Let's Be Cheerful said the Rabbi / Bulgar  4:32    
8. Dimanche matin 4:26    
9. Valse à Nini 4:31


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1er étage

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