Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spiro - Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow (2015 England) [320]

With their previous album, Kaleidophonica, Spiro proved that they are true English originals, with a style perhaps best described as experimental folk-influenced acoustic music. This Bristol four-piece play violin, mandolin, accordion, piano, guitar and cello, and create elaborate and carefully crafted instrumental pieces that mix sturdy, folk-influenced melodies with the repeated riffs of systems music, but with no improvisation or solos. This new set follows the same highly individual approach, though with even greater confidence and less reliance on traditional themes. The opening I Am the Blaze on Every Hill sets the mood; it starts slowly, rapidly speeds up and develops into a gently mesmeric, jaunty and atmospheric workout that constantly changes mood and pace. Elsewhere, they switch from the elegant Blyth High Light, one of several tracks that would make fine, atmospheric film music, to the urgent and driving The Vapourer. This is a subtle but exhilarating band.

1.    I Am The Blaze On Every Hill    4:23
2.    Blyth High Light    3:24
3.    Flying In The Hours Of Darkness    3:22
4.    Burning Bridge    4:56
5.    And All Through The Winter He Hid Himself Away    3:17
6.    One Train May Hide Another    2:47
7.    Will You Go Walk The Woods So Wild    3:46
8.    Orrery    3:14
9.    The Vapourer    4:42
10.    Marineville    3:49
11.    Thought Fox    2:25
12.    Folded In The Arms Of The Earth    4:23
13.    The Still Point Of The Turning World    1:59
14.    Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow    5:12


Skylamb said...

Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow
pw: folkyourself

jimeddy9 said...

Thanks for sharing the recent Spiro. They are Songlines darlings, and have lots of other friends in the music press as well. I've admired their abilities, and perhaps this release is the one that will capture my imagination as well. Appreciate the share!

Charlotte Chou said...

awesome!a pretty diffenet one .
thank you !!

CrimsonKing said...

Great album!
Thanks a lot Skylamb!

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