Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tsuumi Sound System - Growing Up [2009 Finland] @320

We're still Finnish and yes, the music's still Nordic, but that can mean a world of things. From the desolated wastelands of Lapland to the urban rush of Helsinki, the ethnic heritagef the Northling is an abundant source of inspiration in itself. Having that and working hard to get it out there, this group of folk is here to stay.
Call it modern folk or Finnish world music, Tsuumi Sound System draws their power from a huge mixture of influences. Eight young musicians with eight different musical backgrounds all put together and handled with care by producer Roger Tallroth for the second time; the band has done some serious growing up since their last album HOTAS.

1. Nortling (Esko Järvelä)
2. Skyfixer (Tommi Asplund, Olli Seikkula)
3. Grown-up Roger (Esko Järvelä)
4. Livets vår (Pilvi Talvitie)
5. Valse Cinque (Joakim Berghäll)
6. HUP (Hannu Kella)
7. As Soon As Possible (Pilvi Talvitie)
8. LaaLaa Land (Esko Järvelä)
9. Natten vid Hagelberg (Jussi Nikula)
10. Sicilian Panda (Hannu Kella)
11. Silent Mind (Esko Järvelä)
12. Rec. 32 (Esko Järvelä)
13. Unknown Tomorrow (Hannu Kella)

Tommi Asplund - fiddle
Esko Järvelä - fiddle, viola, harmonium
Hannu Kella - accordion
Joakim Berghäll - saxophones, percussion, cello
Pilvi Talvitie - piano, harmonium
Jani Kivelä - guitar, cittern
Tarmo Anttila - double bass
Jussi Nikula - drums, percussion


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Growing Up


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