Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Aman Aman - Música I Cants Sefardis D'orient I Occident (SPAIN 2006) @320

Mara Aranda (voice, percussion) and Efrén López (laúd) are internationally known as being the main protagonists of the Spanish world music group L´Ham de Foc that mixes in a very unique way Mediterranean, oriental and medieval music. Their new project Aman Aman with Diego López (percussions), Abdelaziz Samsaoui (Qanun), Matthieu Saglio (Cello) and Christos Barbas (Ney) is dedicated in a very special way to the sephardic music. In some cases Aman Aman mixes the sephardic music with Turkish or Greek elements that have a strong relation to each other. The sound is based on (like it can be listed on all the field recordings) on string, wind and percussion instruments of the middle east (Qanun, Ud, Cúmbús, Baglama, Ney, Kaval, Darbuka, Rig, Bendir...) and is filled with the more current sound of the cello that is played like it is used in the modern orchestras in Magreb, Turkey or Egypt.

01 - Sien drahmas al dia
02 - La galana y el mar-Ajuar de novia galana (contrefacte)
03 - El rey Nimrod
04 - Los guisados de la berenjena
05 - Durme-Bana yücelerden seyreden dilber
06 - La adúltera (yo en estando)
07 - La hermana cautiva (de las altas mares)
08 - Los caminos de Sirkeci
09 - Las compras del rabino-Alçacik duvar üstü
10 - Ansi, ansi-Que buena que fue la hora
11 - Scalerica de oro
12 - Con mucha lesensia
13 - Si verias a la rana
14 - Las casas de la boda
15 - ¿Por qué lloras blanca niña--Kyria yefefyia

Mara Aranda - voice, percussion
Efrén López - laúd
Diego López - percussions
Abdelaziz Samsaoui - qanun
Matthieu Saglio - cello
Christos Barbas - ney

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Maddy Prior & Carnival Band - A Tapestry of Carols (England 1987) @320

Was formed in 1984 to perform popular medieval, renaissance and traditional music, not in an `authentic way' but on a mixture of old and modern instruments. The musical background of the five players encompass folk, early music, classical and contemporary music. Their repertoire ranges from Bolivian carnival tunes to Yugoslav dances and Renaissance theatre songs, the only common thread being the spirit of Carnival. Out of this melting pot comes a style full of energy, a sense of fun and immediate rapport with the audience.

01 - The Sans Day Carol
02 - In Dulci Jubilo
03 - God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
04 - It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
05 - The Holly And The Ivy
06 - The Coventry Carol
07 - Ding Dong Merrily On High
08 - The Angel Gabriel
09 - Angels From The Realms Of Glory
10 - Infant Holy
11 - A Virgin Most Pure
12 - Unto Us A Boy Is Born
13 - Rejoice And Be Merry
14 - Joseph Dearest
15 - Personent Hodie
16 - On Christmas Night (Sussex Carol)

Maddy Prior: Vocals
Andrew Davis: Double Bass (3)
Andrew Watts: Vocals, Bagpipes [Flemish], Bassoon [C. 1815], Bassoon [Curtal], Clarinet [In C], Oboe [Shawm], Recorder, Arranged By
Bill Badley: Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Guitar [Baroque, Gittern], Lute, Lute [Cittern], Mandolin, Mandolin [Mandocello]
harles Fullbrook: Vocals, Bells [Cowbell, Small], Cymbal [Antique], Drums [Basel Trommel, Small And Medium Tabor], Glockenspiel, Percussion [Wood Blocks], Tambourine [Tambourin Provencal], Triangle
Giles Lewin: Vocals, Recorder, Violin

The Full English - The Full English [2013 England] @320

The Full English is a groundbreaking project sponsored by the English Folk Dance and Song Society that draws together for the first time the early 20th century folksong collections of Harry Albino, Lucy Broadwood, Clive Carey, Percy Grainger, Maud Karpeles, Frank Kidson, Thomas Fairman Ordish, Cecil Sharp, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Alfred Williams. The result is the most comprehensive searchable database of British folk songs, tunes, dances and customs in the world. 

To mark the launch of the project, folksong scholar and acclaimed singer Fay Hield has assembled The Full English band, pulling together half a dozen of the top talents on the English folk music circuit for an evening of songs drawn from these unique collections. Together the band have recorded a tremendous album of material drawn from these historic collections. 

01 - Awake Awake
02 - Stand by Your Guns
03 - William and Nancy
04 - Creeping Jane
05 - Arthur O'bradley
06 - Portrait of My Wife
07 - Fol the Day-O
08 - Brigg Fair
09 - Rounding the Horn
10 - The Servant Man
11 - Man in the Moon
12 - Linden Lea

Fay Hield: Vocals
Rob Harbron: Vocals, Concertina, Fiddle
Ben Nicholls: Vocals, Double Bass, Concertina
Sam Sweeney: Vocals, Fiddle, Cello, Nickelharpa, Percussion
Nancy Kerr: Vocals, Fiddle, Viola
Seth Lakeman: Vocals, Fiddle, Viola, Bouzouki
Martin Simpson: Vocals, Guitar

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guidewires - II (Ireland 2011) @320

Guidewires new album entitled "ll" was recorded at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 in Ceoil Na hInse studios in Ennis, Co. Clare. The recording was engineered by Karol Lynch and mixed and mastered in Realworld Studios, Bath, U.K. by Marco Migliari and assisted by Karol Lynch and Sylvain Barou.
This album has pieces of music from Brittany, Ireland, Greece, Spain and self-written on it. This is the band’s second album and first studio album ("live" being recorded live in 2009). The album was produced by the band and all arrangements by Guidewires except for tracks 4 & 8 arranged by Guidewires and Tíona Ní Dhomhnaill.

01 - Cailean's
02 - As Crechas
03 - Hats Off To Dod
04 - The Selkie
05 - King Of The Scals
06 - Ridees
07 - Law Abiding Musician
08 - Mo Mhaire
09 - Buoy M5
10 - Eff Reels
11 - The Mobile Candelabra
12 - Caoimhin
13 - Mercury Falling

Pádraig Rynne - Concertinas
Tóla Custy - Fiddle and Viola
Sylvain Barou - Flutes, Uileann Pipes, Biniou Kozh
Karol Lynch - Bouzouki, Banjo & Mandolin
Paul Mcsherry - Guitars
Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill - Vocals (4,8), Keyboards (4,8,10,11)
Erwan Hamon - Bombarde (6)
Alain Genty - Fretless Bass (2,6,7)
Mike Shimmin - Drums, Percussion (2,7,12,13)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Guidewires - Live (Ireland 2009) @320

Guidewires: With their high-energy performances, breathtaking arrangements and their infectious melodies, its no wonder that this band are being described as "The freshest sound in Irish music".
With four members coming from Ireland and one from Brittany it is inevitable their mix of music is not just Irish but also Breton, Middle Eastern, Galician and newly composed.

Guidewires have an all-star line up with Irish music's most famous concertina player Padraig Rynne, Breton music's hottest name Sylvain Barou on Flute, one of Ireland's most recognisable names Tola Custy on fiddle, top producer and performer Paul McSherry on guitar and one of the fastest growing stars in Irish music, Karol Lynch on Bouzouki.

All members have had renowned fame individually within music. Their love and passion of this music has brought them together to create this unique and groundbreaking band "Guidewires". The new album is due for release in June 2009 and one can only imagine this band will continue on an upward spiral.

01 - Hoodwinked
02 - Lunchtime Boredom
03 - Tavanagh
04 - The Glad Eye
05 - Polig's Gavottes
06 - Marbh Ban
07 - Vicki's World
08 - Cariau Llaniscu
09 - Liosbeg
10 - Marga's Moment
11 - Step Ahead
12 - Trad Set

Pádraig RYNNE: Concertina
Sylvain BAROU: Wooden flutes
Tóla CUSTY: Fiddle
Paul MCSHERRY: Guitare
Karol LYNCH: Bouzouki

Friday, May 13, 2016


Hi Folks.

Now we have a new way to communicate.
I created a Folk Yourself blog group on Facebook.
We may refer to this page to see new blog posts, discuss music groups, order and talk about everything related to the Folk Yourself blog.
I hope it is useful and fun for all friends of Folk music.

The Facebook Group address is

I'm waiting for you there!


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kalabra - Folka (2000 Sweden) @320

A kind of musical “wok” of Nordic folk music in pop clothing, spiced with funk, rock and jazz – that’s how the quintet Kalabra describe their music.
This is their second cd Folka (the first one was released by Caprice in 1997). This CD is produced by Mats Wester, best known as the man behind the Nordman records.

Kalabra consists of Ulrika Bodén (vocals), Erik Metall (bass), Sebastian Printz-Werner (drums and percussion), Simon Stålspets (nordic bouzouki, electric guitar, harmonica, willow flute) and Markus Svensson (nyckelharpa).
The history of the group started when they performed at Norrsken (Northern Light), which is Falun Folkmusik Festival’s “Winter collection” of folk music bands. Eventually this resulted in the CD Kalabra in 1997, which received much attention in folk music circles. Since then the group have toured extensively, playing at all Swedish venues worth mentioning, e.g. Falun Folkmusik Festival, Stockholm Water Festival, Berwaldhallen, etc. They have also made several tours organized by the regional music boards.

1.Dagg 2'05
2.Sollåten 5'00
3.Ymnig Mossa 3'41
4.Det Brinner En Eld 5'20
5.Stolpe In 2'19
6.Rotor 2'09
7.Galen Man 4'58
8.Före Gryningen 5'17
9.Harpans Kraft 6'56
10.Sus Och Dus 3'08
11.Jespers Äventyr 3'21
12.Sälbarnen Sover 3'33
Ulrika Bodén: vocals
Erik Metall: bass, mini-Moog
Sebastian Printz-Werner: percussion, drums, mbira 
Simon Stålspets: bouzouki, electric guitar, harmonica, willow flute
Markus Svensson: nyckleharpa

Friday, May 6, 2016

Kalabra - Kalabra (1997 Sweden) @320

The name Kalabra is a combination of the words Abrakadabra and Kalasbra (super!). It is the name of a group of musicians who conjure forth marvelous music – bursting with life, spicy hot, captivating and headstrong – a kind of folk music that is rooted in tradition but whose musical expression reflects our own times.
Kalabra concocts a musical brew from folk tradition, rock and jazz, mixing ingredients such as polskas, ballads, schottisches, and popular songs – everything imaginable. The brew also includes spontaneous improvisation, a zest for music-making and natural curiosity.
Gössa Anders, Jimi Hendrix, Ale Möller and many others have provided the inspiration. Or, as one of the members puts it: “We just do what folk musicians have always done: we play whatever we like!”

1.Puddingen 3'24
2.Väddöpolska 3'32
3.Vilden 4'05
4.Hammock-schottis 2'54
5.Lille Jon och Hurven 4'19
6.Vrider om vrång 3'31
7.Tre trollformer 4'08
8.Polska efter Lapp Nils 1'22
9.Lindormen 5'16
10.Hullingen 2'42
11.Luringen 3'45
12.Pappersvalsen 3'50

Ulrika Bodén: vocals, flute 
Erik Metall: el. bass 
Sebastian Printz-Werner: percussion 
Amanda Sedgwick: alto and baritone saxophone 
Simon Stålspets: bouzouki, jew's harp, harmonica, willow flute
Markus Svensson: nyckelharpa

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