Monday, May 16, 2016

Guidewires - Live (Ireland 2009) @320

Guidewires: With their high-energy performances, breathtaking arrangements and their infectious melodies, its no wonder that this band are being described as "The freshest sound in Irish music".
With four members coming from Ireland and one from Brittany it is inevitable their mix of music is not just Irish but also Breton, Middle Eastern, Galician and newly composed.

Guidewires have an all-star line up with Irish music's most famous concertina player Padraig Rynne, Breton music's hottest name Sylvain Barou on Flute, one of Ireland's most recognisable names Tola Custy on fiddle, top producer and performer Paul McSherry on guitar and one of the fastest growing stars in Irish music, Karol Lynch on Bouzouki.

All members have had renowned fame individually within music. Their love and passion of this music has brought them together to create this unique and groundbreaking band "Guidewires". The new album is due for release in June 2009 and one can only imagine this band will continue on an upward spiral.

01 - Hoodwinked
02 - Lunchtime Boredom
03 - Tavanagh
04 - The Glad Eye
05 - Polig's Gavottes
06 - Marbh Ban
07 - Vicki's World
08 - Cariau Llaniscu
09 - Liosbeg
10 - Marga's Moment
11 - Step Ahead
12 - Trad Set

Pádraig RYNNE: Concertina
Sylvain BAROU: Wooden flutes
Tóla CUSTY: Fiddle
Paul MCSHERRY: Guitare
Karol LYNCH: Bouzouki


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Guidewires Live


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