Friday, May 6, 2016

Kalabra - Kalabra (1997 Sweden) @320

The name Kalabra is a combination of the words Abrakadabra and Kalasbra (super!). It is the name of a group of musicians who conjure forth marvelous music – bursting with life, spicy hot, captivating and headstrong – a kind of folk music that is rooted in tradition but whose musical expression reflects our own times.
Kalabra concocts a musical brew from folk tradition, rock and jazz, mixing ingredients such as polskas, ballads, schottisches, and popular songs – everything imaginable. The brew also includes spontaneous improvisation, a zest for music-making and natural curiosity.
Gössa Anders, Jimi Hendrix, Ale Möller and many others have provided the inspiration. Or, as one of the members puts it: “We just do what folk musicians have always done: we play whatever we like!”

1.Puddingen 3'24
2.Väddöpolska 3'32
3.Vilden 4'05
4.Hammock-schottis 2'54
5.Lille Jon och Hurven 4'19
6.Vrider om vrång 3'31
7.Tre trollformer 4'08
8.Polska efter Lapp Nils 1'22
9.Lindormen 5'16
10.Hullingen 2'42
11.Luringen 3'45
12.Pappersvalsen 3'50

Ulrika Bodén: vocals, flute 
Erik Metall: el. bass 
Sebastian Printz-Werner: percussion 
Amanda Sedgwick: alto and baritone saxophone 
Simon Stålspets: bouzouki, jew's harp, harmonica, willow flute
Markus Svensson: nyckelharpa


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