Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Full English - The Full English [2013 England] @320

The Full English is a groundbreaking project sponsored by the English Folk Dance and Song Society that draws together for the first time the early 20th century folksong collections of Harry Albino, Lucy Broadwood, Clive Carey, Percy Grainger, Maud Karpeles, Frank Kidson, Thomas Fairman Ordish, Cecil Sharp, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Alfred Williams. The result is the most comprehensive searchable database of British folk songs, tunes, dances and customs in the world. 

To mark the launch of the project, folksong scholar and acclaimed singer Fay Hield has assembled The Full English band, pulling together half a dozen of the top talents on the English folk music circuit for an evening of songs drawn from these unique collections. Together the band have recorded a tremendous album of material drawn from these historic collections. 

01 - Awake Awake
02 - Stand by Your Guns
03 - William and Nancy
04 - Creeping Jane
05 - Arthur O'bradley
06 - Portrait of My Wife
07 - Fol the Day-O
08 - Brigg Fair
09 - Rounding the Horn
10 - The Servant Man
11 - Man in the Moon
12 - Linden Lea

Fay Hield: Vocals
Rob Harbron: Vocals, Concertina, Fiddle
Ben Nicholls: Vocals, Double Bass, Concertina
Sam Sweeney: Vocals, Fiddle, Cello, Nickelharpa, Percussion
Nancy Kerr: Vocals, Fiddle, Viola
Seth Lakeman: Vocals, Fiddle, Viola, Bouzouki
Martin Simpson: Vocals, Guitar


CrimsonKing said...

The Full English

Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Paul the Stockman said...

Many thanks for this great album. Keep up the good work.

Greenmanharper said...

Is there another password for "The Full English". The one listed does not work.

Thank you...and thank for all the great music!!

CrimsonKing said...

I did the download rightnow.
The password is working fine. No problems.

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