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JPP - Artology (Finland 2006) @320

JPP Järvelän Pikkupelimannit (“Little Folk Musicians of Järvelä”) formed in 1982 in the fiddling capital of Finland (and perhaps the world), Kaustinen. Born from the fiddling tradition of the Järvelä family, in Järvelä village in Kaustinen, JPP’s musical roots go back to the 19th century. Their initial spark came from the local and national folk music boom in the 80s, particularly the phenomenal national success of Kaustinen fiddler/composer Konsta Jylhä, and their distinctive skills at composing and arranging immediately emerged, forming the basis for their style, appeal and future career.

JPP members have experience and training in musical genres outside folk music, for example classical and jazz, therefore expanding the scope of their music far wider than ordinary fiddle groups. In effect, JPP have created a style all their own, one that is impossible to categorize easily and one which continuously surprises.

JPP has toured and performed on every continent and has a collection of ten albums to their credit. Their new album Artology exhibits the brilliant composing skills of fiddler Arto Järvelä while simultaneously sending the listener on an exciting melodic journey through the heart of Ostrobothnian fiddle country and JPP’s own imagination, featuring plenty of unexpected twists and turns.

Artology album by Jpp was released Aug 01, 2006 on the NorthSide label. With their four fiddles, JPP have always come across like a small orchestra, especially with the agile bass work behind them and the chorded harmonium to fill out the sound. While their material isn't traditional, the sound of the past is a strong influence on all they do -- but brought up to date, as on "Hämmennys" (Perplexcity), an impressionist view of 9/11. Artology songs It's a disc with plenty of light and shade and a great deal of joy, whether on the elegantly complex "En Till Sven," the gorgeous "Käyden," which moves with easy grace, or even the Western swing of "Stuffologie," inspired by the great Stuff Smith. Artology album One of the beauties of JPP is that they're never constrained by style -- they're as comfortable on "Tango de Caro" as they are on "Roudaneristyspolkka," with its strong overtones of their native Finland. Artology CD music It might not be a long album, just under 50 minutes, but every second is a joy (and keep it going for the elusive hidden track). Artology music CDs As usual,JPP deliver the goods. ~ Chris Nickson

1.    En till Sven (One for Sven)    3:12
2.    Tomahuta & Pöhölö    6:34
3.    Hämmennys (Perplexcity)    5:06
4.    Murhe (Grief)    5:57
5.    Tango de Caro    2:59
6.    Yli Äyräiden (Over the Banks)    3:59
7.    Sutela (Sutherland)    3:34
8.    Käyden (Andante)    4:34
9.    Roudaneristyspolkka (The Frost Separation Polka)    2:06
10.    Stuffologie (live at the Kaustinen Festival '05)    11:39
11.    [silence]    0:05

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Dave Swarbrick - Raison D'Etre (2010 England) @vbr-0 217

Shirty Records SHIRTY1 (CD, UK, 2010)

Recorded between 2002 and 2010, some in Canada, most at Atrax, Coventry;
Engineered by Dave Swarbrick;
Mix down engineer Kevin Dempsey;
Track 10 mixed by Andy Thompson at Gighouse Studios, Leamington Spa;
Mastered by Andy Thompson at Gighouse Studios;
Sleeve design: Bryan Ledgard;
Cover photo: Tracy Kolenchuk

Dave Swarbrick, fiddle [1-3, 5-11], baritone violin [4, 8, 10], mandolin [5-6];
The Jason Wilson Band [1];
Beryl Marriott, piano [2, 11];
Kevin Dempsey, guitar [2, 4-9, 11];
Maartin Allcock, bass guitar [2, 11];
Simon Mayor, mandolin, mandocello [3];
Michael Burnham, violin [6];
Jude Rees, oboe [8, 10], recorder, shawm, curtal [10];
Martin Carthy, guitar [10];
John Kirkpatrick, button accordion [10];
Roger Marriott, melodeon;
Alan Robertson, piano, accordion
Simon Nicol, acoustic guitar, bass;
Dave Pegg, bass;
Bruce Rowland, drums, tambourine

From Dave Swarbrick:
"With 14 of the best players I know, I offer you"Raison D'être'. It has taken all of 8 years for me to complete this CD and I don't think it can be repeated.
There are 4 EFDSS 'Gold Badge' holders involved, the highest accolade of the English Folk Song and Dance Society: Beryl Marriott, Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick and myself have all had the honour of being awarded it.

The opening track of my very first solo album 'Rags, Reels and Airs': 'Spanish Ladies Medley', has been revisited with The Jason Wilson Band, a group of highly talented Canadian musicians. I have researched and arranged English music previously unrecorded from 1680 to 1745. And then to ice the cake along with a couple of my own compositions there are two tracks featuring the glorious playing of the great Beryl Marriott.

Living Tradition review:
Eight years in the making, four EFFDSS ‘Gold Badge’ award winners involved, previously unrecorded English music from the end of the seventeenth century and the first half of the eighteenth as well as a couple of self-penned tunes, together with a reworking of the opening track from Dave Swarbrick’s first ever album, are the basic ingredients of Dave Swarbrick’s latest masterpiece.

If it wasn’t for his stunning ability then this could quite easily have been a disaster. Many have delved into early historical periods, to find unpublished tunes, surrounded themselves with master musicians only to find the project less than satisfying. But he pulls it off in true Swarbrick style.

The CD opens with a set of tunes he used to play many years ago in the Beryl Marriott Ceilidh Band - the same Beryl Marriott who features on a couple of tracks here. This time Spanish Ladies has been reworked and Dave is joined by Canadian Jason Wilson and his band. The effect is still one of a Scottish dance night though.

As you would expect, the tunes researched from the works of Playford, Bunting Wright and Walsh need careful listening and demand your attention. Featuring Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick, the set starting with A Jigg Called Long Time from the Daniel Wright Collection is certainly one of the most ambitious. This gives way to the startling piano introduction provided by the aforementioned Beryl Marriott to the final track, We Brought the Summer With Us, which features Dave Swarbrick’ s playing at its best. A truly stunning end to a brilliant CD.

But it is one of Dave’s own tunes that is the truly outstanding track on Raison D’être. On Andy’s Waltz, Dave plays the Baritone Violin and comes up with one of the richest sounds you will ever hear. When the powers that be start compiling those nominations for those awards then this track should be there for Best Original Tune - it’s that good. In fact the CD is that good too.

We are blessed in the folk world with many good fiddle players. Some go on to become very good. Some even become great. Only a few go on to be a master of their instrument. Dave Swarbrick shows on Raison D’être just why he is one of that select few.  Highly recommended.

Dave Beeby

1.    Spanish Ladies / Geese on the Bog / Leather Away the Wattle-oh / Freedom for Ireland (5.38)
2.    The Fair Haired Child (4.08)
3.    Granny's Delight / The Man Tiger (3.33)
4.    Andy's Waltz (3.18)
5.    Buttock Beef / The Rising Sun / The Northern Frisk (4.31)
6.    Ravenscroft's Fancy (2.32)
7.    Sweet Alban (4.38)
8.    Carpenters Morris / Frank and Easie / Easter Thursday / Mrs Savage's Whim (3.31)
9.    Thomas and Sally (2.41)
10.    A Jigg Called Long Time / Running Footman's Jig / The Brown Joak (4.31)
11.    We Brought the Summer With Us (3.45)

Track 1 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick, Jason Wilson;
Tracks 2, 11 trad. arr. Beryl Marriott;
Track 3 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick, Simon Mayor;
Tracks 4, 7 Dave Swarbrick;
Tracks 5, 8, 10 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick;
Tracks 6, 9 trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick, Kevin Dempsey;

Liadan - Casadh Na Taoide [Turning the Tide] (2009 Ireland) @320

The launch of Líadan’s second CD, Casadh na Taoide/Turning the Tide marks their fifth anniversary as a band. Described by Hotpress Magazine as ‘wildly talented’ and as being ‘The next major global force in Irish traditional music’ by New York’s Irish Echo, Líadan’s mesmerising singing and creative instrumental music have been captivating audiences at home in Ireland and abroad since the band’s formation in Spring 2004. Blending together their rich musical backgrounds, these six talented young ladies create a fresh and exciting sound that explores both traditional and new material. From Galway and Limerick this inspiring all-female band comprises of six members: Síle Denvir, harpist; Deirdre Chawke, piano accordion; Elaine Cormican, whistles. Valerie Casey and Claire Dolan, fiddles; Catherine Clohessy, flute.

The uniqueness of Líadan lies in the deeply traditional essence of their music and in each band member’s ability to shine both instrumentally and vocally. Líadan’s stage presence exudes a group personality that is both vibrant and engaging. Their tune playing features striking string and reed rhythms and accompaniments, while always keeping the melody central to their arrangements. Coupled with that, the members are highly talented vocalists, displaying an astounding ability to move audiences with their settings of traditional and sean-nós songs in the Gaelic and English language, using acapella, harmonies and instrumental arrangements.

1.    Bímis ag Ól    3:12
2.    Limerick Polkas    3:22
3.    The Angel's Whisper    4:16
4.    Bualadh an Chasúir Reel Set    4:23
5.    Ócum an Phríosúin    2:40
6.    The Leverette Set    4:28
7.    Bold Atlantic    3:03
8.    Trip To Blackpool Set    4:03
9.    Tomás Bán Mac Aogáin    5:53
10.    Early In The Month Of Spring    3:45
11.    The Clothiers March    3:08
12.    The Mist Covered Mountain Set    4:40

Eist Aris [Songs In Their Native Language] (2003 Ireland) @320

1.    Tighinn air a mhuir am fear a phósas mi / Capercaillie    3:43
2.    Eoghainn Ó Ragadáin / Altan    3:47
3.    Bruach Loh Pontchartrain / Paul Brady    6:36
4.    Amhrán Hiúdaí Phádaí Éamoinn / Maighréad, Tríona & Micheál Ó Domhnaill & Mary Black    4:21
5.    An Saighdiúir Tréigthe / The Chieftains with Mary Chapin Carpenter    4:37
6.    Níl sé ina lá / Maighréad & Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill with Dónal Lunny    3:33
7.    Buain na Coirce / Michael Mc Goldrick with Karen Matheson    3:49
8.    Rinn na Mara / John Spillane    2:16
9.    Táimse im chodladh / Dolores Keane    4:20
10.    An poc ar buile / Seamus Begley, Laurence Courtney & Daithí Ó Sé    4:30
11.    Tar, tar a Rún / Brian Kennedy    5:55
12.    Amhráin na féidearthachta / Liam Ó Maonlaí    3:02
13.    Na Buachaillí Álainn / Clannad    2:56
14.    Hó Ró m'Iníon Donn Bhóidheach / Frances & Mary Black    4:18

Eist [Songs In Their Native Language] (1999 Ireland) @320

Years ago, it was difficult to find popular styled music available in the Irish Language. There are many artists today that are beginning to put the language into popular use such as the Corrs and Cathie Ryan. This CD, however, is the best of the best. It has all styles of music available and is worth the buy regardless of your enthusiasm for the Irish Language or not.
My personal favorite is Maura O'Connell's "Aisling Ghear". not only because it is absolutely beautiful but because it will cure those who wrongly feel that Irish is a gutteral language.

1.    Altan / Molly na gCuach ní Chuilleanáin    2:37
2.    Séamus Begley & Mary Black / Ar Bhruach na Carraige Báine    4:56
3.    Van Morrison & The Chieftains / Tá mo Chleamhnas Déanta    3:33
4.    Brian Kennedy & Máire Bhreatnach / Éist a Stór    3:34
5.    Maura O'Connell / Aisling Ghéar    5:13
6.    Clannad / Seanchas    4:57
7.    Frances Black / Jimmy mo Mhíle Stór    3:30
8.    Paul Brady / Gleanntáin Ghlas` Ghaoth Dobhair    3:10
9.    Sinéad Lohan / Éist do Bhéal    3:19
10.    Mary Black / Mo Ghille Mear    4:43
11.    John Spillane / Seachtain    3:31
12.    Maighréad ní Dhomhnail / An Cailín Gaelach    4:50
13.    Kate Bush / Mná na hÉireann    2:56
14.    Christy Moore / Na Conghailigh    2:33

Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza (USA 1999) @320

The humblest of beginnings can beget the best prizes, as is the case with this spectacular summit meeting of bluegrass mandolinists. The story goes like this: Ronnie McCoury, son of the great Del, is driving his father's 1954 GMC coach in the (where else?) Shenandoah Valley and has a minor epiphany, dreaming up what he describes as a "Bluegrass Mandolin 101." When he shares the idea with Acoustic Disc founder (and mandolin virtuoso) David Grisman, the project is off with a sprint. Next thing you know, there's eight great mandolin pickers--veterans Jesse McReynolds, Bobby Osborne, Frank Wakefield, and Buck White, and (relatively) younger maestros Sam Bush, Ricky Skaggs, McCoury, and Grisman, with Del McCoury on guitar--grabbing 34 tunes for their collective own. They open with a unison reading of "Blue Moon of Kentucky" that recalls how important mandolin ensemble music was in bridging the worlds of concert and popular music generations ago. Then the ensemble's off on a solo-rich ride, with fiddle tunes like "Old Joe Clark" offering everyone a moment in the picking light and Bill Monroe's "Roanoke" giving the session's two planners a chance to speed through in unison. Then there are banjo-tune adaptations like "The Cakewalk" and numerous episodes of influence, where you have Wakefield, one of Grisman's 1960s-era mentors, jamming on "Mexican Stomp." The pickers also get an opportunity to introduce many of the cuts with a short monologue on the tune's genesis and intent. As if that all weren't enough, the set also comes slipcased with a generously colorful booklet that breaks down each tune and features mini-essays on each soloist and lovely photos of their preferred mandolin. Far more than a simple anthology of trad-grass mandolin music, this is a lengthy paean to the instrument and its great practitioners. --Andrew Bartlett

 Ronnie McCoury, David Grisman, Jesse McReynolds, Bobby Osborne, Frank Wakefield, Buck White, Sam Bush, Ricky Skaggs, Del McCoury

Disk 1:
1.    Ensemble / Blue Moon Of Kentucky    1:23
2.    Ensemble, Del McCoury / Old Joe Clark    5:14
3.    Jesse McReynolds, Del McCoury / The Cakewalk    2:46
4.    Sam Bush, David Grisman, Del McCoury / Wayfaring Stranger    6:18
5.    Sam Bush, Del McCoury / I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky    1:34
6.    Ronnie McCoury, Del McCoury / Mccoury Blues    2:22
7.    Bobby Osborne, Ronnie McCoury / Cherokee Lady    3:28
8.    Buck White, Ronnie McCoury, David Grisman, Del McCoury / Down Home Waltz    3:26
9.    Ricky Skaggs, Del McCoury / Blue Grass Special    3:26
10.    Frank Wakefield, Del McCoury / Miss Lizzie    2:17
11.    Frank Wakefield, Ronnie McCoury, Del McCoury / Catnip    2:32
12.    Ensemble, Del McCoury / Panhandle Country    4:42
13.    Buck White, Del McCoury / One-Legged Man    1:45
14.    Bobby Osborne, Jesse McReynolds, Del McCoury / East Tennessee Blues    3:05
15.    Ronnie McCoury, David Grisman, Del McCoury / B Natural    2:35
16.    David Grisman, Del McCoury / No You Stand Back    2:39
17.    Ensemble, Del McCoury / I Wonder Where You Are Tonight?    4:06
Disk 2:
1.    Ronnie McCoury, David Grisman, Del McCoury / Roanoke    2:48
2.    Sam Bush, Sam McCoury / Cattle In The Cane    2:49
3.    Ensemble / Dixie Hoedown    5:44
4.    Bobby Osborne, Ronnie McCoury / Ashokan Farewell    4:28
5.    Ricky Skaggs, Del McCoury / Cumberland Gap    2:40
6.    Buck White, Ricky Skaggs, Ronnie McCoury / Sassyfrass    2:25
7.    Frank Wakefield, Ronnie McCoury / Golden Slippers    2:33
8.    Bobby Osborne, Ronnie McCoury / Say Old Man    3:11
9.    Jesse McReynolds, Bobby Osborne, Del McCoury / Westphalia Waltz    1:38
10.    Frank Wakefield, Del McCoury / Play It Pretty, Me    3:16
11.    Frank Wakefield, David Grisman, Ronnie McCoury / Mexican Stomp    3:04
12.    Ensemble / Dusty Miller    4:37
13.    Jesse McReynolds, Ronnie McCoury / Cajun Mandolin    3:59
14.    Ricky Skaggs, David Grisman, Ronnie McCoury / Boston Boy    3:03
15.    Jesse McReynolds, Del McCoury / Who At My Door Is Standing?    3:12
16.    Ensemble / Blue Moon Of Kentucky    2:58
17.    Sam Bush / World's Shortest Rawhide    4:38

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Duo Anne Niepold & Gwen Cresens - Monochromatic ( Belgium 2016) @320

Monochromatic is a unique combination. Two accordion, the diatonic and chromatic another, articulated by two distinct personalities, and it gives an unexpected result. Two personalities so different but yet here meet, confront, complement ...

Starting from the same "musical philosophy," Anne Niepold and Gwen Cresens allow the escape of their musicality to their favorite courses to meet, the next moment, lost in a lush improvisation steppe. The duo is sometimes player sometimes melancholic, but often narrative and always eclectic. Always looking for a new approach, an original approach to touch the essence of the music: a beautiful melody, a solid arrangement, spontaneous interpretation. They offering a varied program ranging from Vivaldi to Stromae through personal compositions.

Anne Niepold has a new approach to the diatonic accordion. From the middle of traditional music she quickly directed to world music and improvised music. She has contributed to Graindelavoix, Zonzo Company, Transparent and Olla Vogala while developing his own projects such as 'Musettes is Not Dead' or 'Two agreements will tell'. Gwen Cresens was classically trained at the Antwerp Conservatory but then headed to world music, jazz and pop scene. We saw it with his own projects Orquesta Tanguedio Trio Dor or alongside of Taraf Haïdouks, Arno, Pavarotti, Kommil of Foo or Raymond van het Groenewoud ...
(sorry, google=translate from french)

Anne NIEPOLD (Accordéon diatonique)
Gwen CRESENS (Accordéon chromatic, Bandonéon)

01. Calling you
02. Da's sport
03. Fou rire
04. Revirado
05. Savoie 64 / Smells like... / Options plus
06. Coeur
07. Eja mater
08. Chop chop
09. In den barbiekot
10. Sul tasto
11. Eisherz
12. Annie zette
13. Apanhei-te, cavaquinho
14. Eloge de la tristesse

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Aurélien Tanghe - La guitare (Un instrument, un artiste) (France 2015) @320

1. Slängpolska efter Johan Christian Blomgren / Den glömda polskan
2. Raisonnablement
3. Marche de noces de L.Peyrat / Bourrée Passa aqui de L.Peyrat / Bourrée de A.Mouret
4. Ellen
5. Jeannette
6. Byggnant
7. Vallåt efter Karns Hans Hanssont
8. Sur la corde raide
9. V'la l'printemps
10. Au passage / Dans le guéritau / Y a dix brins de fougère, faudra les tailler
11. ToveLena

Aurélien Tanghe (guitare)
Gabriel Lenoir (violon),
Noé Bazoge (Violoncelle),
Anna Roussel (Flûte),
Benjamin Macke (caisse claire)
Clémence Cognet (violon)

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i Fratelli Tarzanelli - Antipodes (France 2016) @320

Pablo Golder - Accordéon Diatonique
Baltazar Montanaro - Strings, Violon

1. Polk'alfred
2. Olivia's
3. Rigodon D'aurent
4. Feistas
5. The Old Sailor And The Oceanic Waltz
6. Reginella
7. Lampedusa
8. Malavida
9. Pipelure
10. Scottish Du 29 Mars
11. La Cognée
12. I Didn't Come
13. La Clermontoise
14. Liblikas
15. Isuzu's Rondeau
16. Intolleranza

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Ys - Madame La Frontière [France 1976] @320

Vinyl Rip (not released in CD)

Singular name is Ys. Although this one suspects can not be French, and yet it is a significant name of one or even several stories that took place on a land encompassed France. It is simply a Breton legend. Ys would be (some say was) a proud city reminiscent of Sodom style and Gomorrah of the Judeo-Christian religion, but the Celtic side, and whose population prey to sin was (or was) punished not by fire as two other aforementioned cities, but by water. Swallowed up by the waves so. A story that will be remembered, and one of the first artists to be inspired is probably Alan STIVELL on his album Renaissance of the Celtic Harp released in late 1971. Fully composed by himself, this piece is one of the emblems of his career, combining several instruments and sounds including the magical harp relationship sea-water. 

But there is not it, and it is not incongruous to talk about the importance of Alan
STIVELL as YS, the group this time, was formed by musicians who accompanied him. Apart from guitarist Peter Chereze - which is curiously has no picture on the back cover and who does not sing here, unlike the other - the WERNEER René Michel SANTANGELI Pascal HOMAS STIVE and Jacky are all from from the legendary Alan STIVELL training in the early 70s the latter being directed to other projects after the tour immortalized by the live E Dulenn in 1975, the four musicians form this group, YS, and publish this first and unfortunately only album the following year. Regarding the record, Madame la Frontière has a title and contains French text, but is nonetheless an album of hardened Celtic folk-rock.

1. O'Connell Street  2:54
2. Dentu Ganeme (Viens Avec Moi)  4:03
3. Madame La Frontière (Acoustic Guitar - Gabriel Yacoub)  2:46
4. Captain O'Kane  4:58
5. Comment Vouloir Qu'Une Personne Chante (Quand Elle N'a Pas Son Coeur En Liberté) 2:48
6. Ag Arlane (Oen Dimeet)  2:41
7. O Ya Laret Em Eus (O Oui Je L'ai Dit)  2:49
8. Carolan's Farewell (Accordion – Jacques Higelin)  2:33
9. Ar Gohoni (La Vieillesse)  3:16
10. Ystor  5:49

Jacques Wiederker: Cello 
Pierre Chereze: Guitar
Jacky (Blet) Thomas: Vocals, Bass
Michel Santangeli: Vocals, Drums, Percussion 
Pascal Stive: Vocals, Keyboards
René Werneer: Vocals, Violin, Viola, Tin Whistle, Crumhorn, Dulcimer

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Angelo Branduardi - Futuro Antico IV (Italy 2007) @256

01. Viva sempre (Baldassarre Donato)  
02. Lo scherzo - Le vecchie per invidia (Adriano Willaert)  
03. Lo scherzo - L'è pur forza (Vincenzo Bellaver)  
04. Lo scherzo - Vecchie letrose (Adriano Willaert)  
05. Lo scherzo - Sempre mi ride (Adriano Willaert)  
06. Le maschere - Capricciata e contrappunto bestiale (Adriano Banchieri)  
07. Le maschere - Zefiro torna, ciaccona (Claudio Monteverdi)  
08. Le maschere - O bene mio (Adriano Willaert)  
09. Sogno d'amore - Un cavalier di Spagna (Francesco Patavino)  
10. Sogno d'amore - Baci cara (Flaminio Corradi)  
11. Sogno d'amore - La verginella (Andrea Gabrieli)  
12. Sogno d'amore - Cara Nina (Anonimo)  
13. Croce delizia d'amore - Tutto il dì (Vincenzo Bellaver)  
14. Croce delizia d'amore - Tant que vivrai (Claudin de Sermisy / Domenico Bianchini)  
15. Croce delizia d'amore - Zefiro torna, madrigale (Claudio Monteverdi)  
16. Croce delizia d'amore - Maledetto sia l'aspetto (Claudio Monteverdi)  
17. Il ballo e la festa - Gli amanti morescano (Adriano Banchieri)  
18. Il ballo e la festa - Donne, venite alla festa (Francesco Patavino)  
19. Il ballo e la festa - Viva sempre (Baldassarre Donato)   


Francesca Torelli: direzione, liuto, tiorba, chitarra barocca e voce
Gianfranco Ricci, Diego Castelli: violini barocchi
Luigi Lupo, Rossella Pozzer: flauti dolci
Stefano Vezzani: bombarda, flauto dolce
Mauro Morini: trombone
Cristiano Contadin: viola da gamba
Luisa Baldassari: spinetta
Paolo Simonazzi: ghironda
Germano Cavazzoli: percussioni

Angelo Branduardi - Futuro Antico III (2002 Italy) @192

1. Il Ballerino (G. Gastoldi)
2. Moresca (C. Monteverdi)
3. Balletto (C. Monteverdi)
4. Il Curioso (G. Gastoldi)
5. Ritornello (C. Monteverdi)
6. Tu dormi, io veglio (B. Tromboncino)
7. Sinfonia (C. Monteverdi)
8. Su su leva, alza le ciglia (B. Tromboncino)
9. Corrente (S. Garsi)
10. Non è tempo d'aspettare (M.Cara)
11. Ritornello (C. Monteverdi)
12. Ritornello (C. Monteverdi)
13. La rousée du joli moi de mai (J. Planson)
14. Corrente La Favorita Gonzaga (P.P. Melli)
15. Ritornello (C. Monteverdi)
16. Go crystal tears (J. Dowland)
17. Vita mia perché mi fuggi (G. Gastoldi)
18. Ritornello (C. Monteverdi)
19. Quest'amore, quest'arsura (C. Saracini)
20. Ritornello (C. Monteverdi)
21. Sì dolce è il tormento (C. Monteverdi)
22. Donna lombarda -versione mantovana- (Anonimo)
23. L'avvelenato (Anonimo)
24. Sinfonia (C. Monteverdi)
25. Come again (J. Dowland)
26. Balletto (C. Monteverdi)
27. Mantovanella (Anonimo)
28. Novello Cupido (B. Marini)
29. Ritornello (C. Monteverdi)
30. Or che tutto gioioso (B. Castaldi)
31. Est-ce Mars (N. Vallet)

Angelo Branduardi: Voice
FrancescaTorelli: Artistic direction

Francesca Torelli: direction, luth, tiorba. 
Luigi Lupo, Rossella Pozzer: recorders and transvers flute. 
Angelo Nardo: baroque violin. 
Mauro Morini: baroque trombone. 
Cristiano Contadin: viola da gamba. 
Luca Tarantino: baroque guitar. 
Maria Luisa Baldassarri: spinetta. 
Paolo Simonazzi: ghironda and percussions.

Recording made in may 2002 at the Studio Fonoprint of Bologna.
Direction of recording: Marcello Zuffa, Angelo Branduardi, Francesca Torelli.
Sound ingeneer: Stefano Grasso. 
Mix made at the Studio dell'Angelo. 
Musical supervision: Angelo Branduardi.
Executive production: Vittorio Costa. Grafica: Tommaso Neri.
Produced and directed by Angelo Branduardi.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Jacqui Mcshee's Pentangle - At The Little Theatre [2000 England] @224

“Glorious stuff, deeply atmospheric and immaculately sung and played. The current line-up of Pentangle kicks up an absolute storm and Jacqui’s voice is gorgeous.” 
Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

Pentangle is a name that strikes a chord – a name that came to dominate the music scene of the late sixties and early seventies. Two decades later, McShee is still creating a sound that is genuinely original, this time through her own project, Jacqui McShee’s Pentangle.

The band have carried their spirit of adventure forward to the live stage, the results of which can be seen and heard on this their latest DVD release, In Concert at the Little Theatre. Material from 1998’s Passe Avant is allowed even greater freedom to grow and develop away from the studio setting, the band thriving on the improvisational nature of their playing. They also visit some of the many high points of their history – turning a new eye to such classics as Cruel Sister, The Wife of Ushers Well, Lovely Joan as well as the traditional standards like She Moved Through the Fair. The combination of jazz and folk music has never sounded so natural, the two great examples of the people’s music meeting in one thrilling whole.

Pentangle expanded the frontiers of folk music in the 1960s and since then, the various line-ups have continued to make groundbreaking music. One thing has remained constant, however – Jacqui McShee’s unique voice is always to the fore. The DVD features Gerry Conway on drums and percussion, Foss Patterson on keyboards, Alan Thompson on bass, and Jerry Underwood, soprano and tenor sax .

This has been an eventful year for Pentangle. In February, the band was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards ceremony in London. A CD set charting the bands forty year career was released, followed by a hugely successful UK tour. The release of their In Concert DVD seems a fitting end of another year in the history of this unique band.

01 - She Moved Through The Fair (4:13)
02 - Jabalpur (7:07)
03 - Once I Had A Sweetheart (4:21)
04 - The Nightingale (5:12)
05 - That's The Way It Is (5:06)
06 - The House Carpenter (6:11)
07 - I've Got A Feeling (6:25)
08 - The Bonnie Greenwood Side (3:34)
09 - Cruel Sister (8:02)
10 - The Wife Of Ushers Well (7:17)
11 - Lovely Joan (6:51)
12 - We'll Be Together Again (4:58)

Jacqui McShee - Vocals
Gerry Conway - Drums, Percussion
Alan Thompson - Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Jerry Underwood - Soprano & Tenor Sax
Foss Patterson - Keyboards

Angelo Branduardi & Finisterrae - Futuro Antico II (1999 Italy) @320

Recorded in the cathedral of Spilinbergo (TN), during the international festival of worldmusic and new tendances (Folkest), ed. 1998. The music of Giorgio Mainerio, Maestro of the patriarchate's choir of Aquiileia, interpreted by Angelo Branduardi.

01 - Schiarazula Marazula
02 - Ballo Milanese
03 - Suite Agnese
04 - Suite La Parma
05 - Suite d'Angleterre
06 - Suite dell'Arboscello
07 - Suite Tedesca d Ungaresca
08 - Suite Francese
09 - Suite della Paganina

Angelo Branduardi: voice, luth, violin.

Ensemble "Finisterrae":
Carlo Brignola: didjeridoo
Pier Carlo Zanco: contrabass
Mohssen Kasirosafar: zarb, dayrè, daf, shofar
Sara Modiglioni: voice, recorder, rainstick
Cristina Scrima: recorder, transverse flute, bombarde, cromorno
Fulvia Roberti: voice, salterio, setar, tubular bells, dulcimer, bearn
Roberto Caravella: santur, viella, ribeca, oud, sitar, marine horn, satz
Vladimiro Galiano: cromorno, flute, bombarde, viola
Dario Marusic: bagpipe, fifes
Falciano Miani: clarinet.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Angelo Branduardi & Chominciamento di Gioia - Futuro Antico I (1996 Italy) @320

Canzoni medievali sacre e profane registrato con il gruppo "Chominciamento di Gioia" e diretto dal Maestro Renato Serio

01. A l'entrada del temps clar (Anonimous)
02. La redonda (Guirant Riquier)
03. Loibere risen (Wizlaw von Rügen)
04. Los set goyts (Llibre Vermell)
05. Once I had a sweetheart (Anonimous)
06. Saltarello, lamento di Tristano e Rotta (Anonimous)
07. Scarborough Fair (Anonimous)
08. Calenda Maia (Rambaut de Vaquéiras)
09. Comment qu'à moi (Guillaume de Machaut)
11. Edi beo thu, heven quene (Anonimous)
12. Imperayritz de la ciutat joyosa (Llibre Vermell)
13. Gaudete e Personent Hodie (Piae Cantiones)

Angelo Branduardi: Voce e Violino
Chominciamento di gioia:
Elisabetta Di Filippo: Salterio, glocken, percussioni
Olga Ercoli: Arpe
Luigi Polsini: Viella, ribeca, liuto, viola da gamba
Gianfranco Russo: Viella, lyra, symphonia, flauti dritti, cromorni
Marco Salerno: Cornetti, liuti, saz
Cristina Scrima: Flauti dritti e traversi, bombarde,cromorni
Pier Carlo Zanco: Violone, percussioni

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