Friday, June 24, 2016

Duo Anne Niepold & Gwen Cresens - Monochromatic ( Belgium 2016) @320

Monochromatic is a unique combination. Two accordion, the diatonic and chromatic another, articulated by two distinct personalities, and it gives an unexpected result. Two personalities so different but yet here meet, confront, complement ...

Starting from the same "musical philosophy," Anne Niepold and Gwen Cresens allow the escape of their musicality to their favorite courses to meet, the next moment, lost in a lush improvisation steppe. The duo is sometimes player sometimes melancholic, but often narrative and always eclectic. Always looking for a new approach, an original approach to touch the essence of the music: a beautiful melody, a solid arrangement, spontaneous interpretation. They offering a varied program ranging from Vivaldi to Stromae through personal compositions.

Anne Niepold has a new approach to the diatonic accordion. From the middle of traditional music she quickly directed to world music and improvised music. She has contributed to Graindelavoix, Zonzo Company, Transparent and Olla Vogala while developing his own projects such as 'Musettes is Not Dead' or 'Two agreements will tell'. Gwen Cresens was classically trained at the Antwerp Conservatory but then headed to world music, jazz and pop scene. We saw it with his own projects Orquesta Tanguedio Trio Dor or alongside of Taraf Haïdouks, Arno, Pavarotti, Kommil of Foo or Raymond van het Groenewoud ...
(sorry, google=translate from french)

Anne NIEPOLD (Accordéon diatonique)
Gwen CRESENS (Accordéon chromatic, Bandonéon)

01. Calling you
02. Da's sport
03. Fou rire
04. Revirado
05. Savoie 64 / Smells like... / Options plus
06. Coeur
07. Eja mater
08. Chop chop
09. In den barbiekot
10. Sul tasto
11. Eisherz
12. Annie zette
13. Apanhei-te, cavaquinho
14. Eloge de la tristesse


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