Saturday, June 18, 2016

i Fratelli Tarzanelli - Antipodes (France 2016) @320

Pablo Golder - Accordéon Diatonique
Baltazar Montanaro - Strings, Violon

1. Polk'alfred
2. Olivia's
3. Rigodon D'aurent
4. Feistas
5. The Old Sailor And The Oceanic Waltz
6. Reginella
7. Lampedusa
8. Malavida
9. Pipelure
10. Scottish Du 29 Mars
11. La Cognée
12. I Didn't Come
13. La Clermontoise
14. Liblikas
15. Isuzu's Rondeau
16. Intolleranza


Yojik said...


eL tiZ said...

what a odd and funny name this group have! :-D
I guess they know the italian meaning of it

Anonymous said...

what a great album.
to Yojik:
you labeled this album to France - the other album to belgium.
What country is correct?

Yojik said...

Baltazar from France, Pablo from Belgium. What country is correct?
May be Belgium, because Montanaro plays in lot of projects there and this album released on Appel Rekords. Is it really important?

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Important? Not for everyone - i guess.
It depends on, how i managed my mp3s.
but another thank you for your good folk work
and xmas greatings in advance for you all

CrimsonKing said...

It's not my discussion, but...
If you think it's important, spend a little time for it.
You can search this subject in Google, I think.
Xmas greating for you too :)

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