Saturday, June 25, 2016

Liadan - Casadh Na Taoide [Turning the Tide] (2009 Ireland) @320

The launch of Líadan’s second CD, Casadh na Taoide/Turning the Tide marks their fifth anniversary as a band. Described by Hotpress Magazine as ‘wildly talented’ and as being ‘The next major global force in Irish traditional music’ by New York’s Irish Echo, Líadan’s mesmerising singing and creative instrumental music have been captivating audiences at home in Ireland and abroad since the band’s formation in Spring 2004. Blending together their rich musical backgrounds, these six talented young ladies create a fresh and exciting sound that explores both traditional and new material. From Galway and Limerick this inspiring all-female band comprises of six members: Síle Denvir, harpist; Deirdre Chawke, piano accordion; Elaine Cormican, whistles. Valerie Casey and Claire Dolan, fiddles; Catherine Clohessy, flute.

The uniqueness of Líadan lies in the deeply traditional essence of their music and in each band member’s ability to shine both instrumentally and vocally. Líadan’s stage presence exudes a group personality that is both vibrant and engaging. Their tune playing features striking string and reed rhythms and accompaniments, while always keeping the melody central to their arrangements. Coupled with that, the members are highly talented vocalists, displaying an astounding ability to move audiences with their settings of traditional and sean-nós songs in the Gaelic and English language, using acapella, harmonies and instrumental arrangements.

1.    Bímis ag Ól    3:12
2.    Limerick Polkas    3:22
3.    The Angel's Whisper    4:16
4.    Bualadh an Chasúir Reel Set    4:23
5.    Ócum an Phríosúin    2:40
6.    The Leverette Set    4:28
7.    Bold Atlantic    3:03
8.    Trip To Blackpool Set    4:03
9.    Tomás Bán Mac Aogáin    5:53
10.    Early In The Month Of Spring    3:45
11.    The Clothiers March    3:08
12.    The Mist Covered Mountain Set    4:40


Skylamb said...

<a href="!GA8A2Bbb!uy6z4PzIreT5b4m6JePFL4ft_-alcTbiLPF2igeCm4U>Liadan</a>
pw: folkyourself

mastranto said...

Gracias, Skylamb-

mad as a box of frogs said...

HI you might want to tidy up the link- I included the >xxxxxx</ and got asked for the encryption key, I have the file now but thought that the xxxxxx might be part of your security. Thanks for all the music.

CrimsonKing said...

The link is correct:!GA8A2Bbb!uy6z4PzIreT5b4m6JePFL4ft_-alcTbiLPF2igeCm4U

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