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Ys - Madame La Frontière [France 1976] @320

Vinyl Rip (not released in CD)

Singular name is Ys. Although this one suspects can not be French, and yet it is a significant name of one or even several stories that took place on a land encompassed France. It is simply a Breton legend. Ys would be (some say was) a proud city reminiscent of Sodom style and Gomorrah of the Judeo-Christian religion, but the Celtic side, and whose population prey to sin was (or was) punished not by fire as two other aforementioned cities, but by water. Swallowed up by the waves so. A story that will be remembered, and one of the first artists to be inspired is probably Alan STIVELL on his album Renaissance of the Celtic Harp released in late 1971. Fully composed by himself, this piece is one of the emblems of his career, combining several instruments and sounds including the magical harp relationship sea-water. 

But there is not it, and it is not incongruous to talk about the importance of Alan
STIVELL as YS, the group this time, was formed by musicians who accompanied him. Apart from guitarist Peter Chereze - which is curiously has no picture on the back cover and who does not sing here, unlike the other - the WERNEER René Michel SANTANGELI Pascal HOMAS STIVE and Jacky are all from from the legendary Alan STIVELL training in the early 70s the latter being directed to other projects after the tour immortalized by the live E Dulenn in 1975, the four musicians form this group, YS, and publish this first and unfortunately only album the following year. Regarding the record, Madame la Frontière has a title and contains French text, but is nonetheless an album of hardened Celtic folk-rock.

1. O'Connell Street  2:54
2. Dentu Ganeme (Viens Avec Moi)  4:03
3. Madame La Frontière (Acoustic Guitar - Gabriel Yacoub)  2:46
4. Captain O'Kane  4:58
5. Comment Vouloir Qu'Une Personne Chante (Quand Elle N'a Pas Son Coeur En Liberté) 2:48
6. Ag Arlane (Oen Dimeet)  2:41
7. O Ya Laret Em Eus (O Oui Je L'ai Dit)  2:49
8. Carolan's Farewell (Accordion – Jacques Higelin)  2:33
9. Ar Gohoni (La Vieillesse)  3:16
10. Ystor  5:49

Jacques Wiederker: Cello 
Pierre Chereze: Guitar
Jacky (Blet) Thomas: Vocals, Bass
Michel Santangeli: Vocals, Drums, Percussion 
Pascal Stive: Vocals, Keyboards
René Werneer: Vocals, Violin, Viola, Tin Whistle, Crumhorn, Dulcimer


CrimsonKing said...

Madame La Frontière

Anonymous said...

thank you! this is great!
kinda like a french version of folque lol.

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