Sunday, July 3, 2016

Elanor - A Clear Look (Belgium 2016) @320

Elanor is a young Belgian folk group with roots in Ghent. In May 2013 five seasoned musicians strike the instruments together. A steaming accordion, a solid sound hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and swinging virtuoso whistling served in a spicy fond of bass and guitar.
The music is energetic, very danceable and innovative with traditional elements.
Own compositions and arrangements also allow swinging a seated audience with pleasure.
Bert Leemans (EmBRUN Les Boîtes, Triple-X, Variomatic) and Bart Praet known each other for years as musical countrymen. Bart shook all one melody after another from his bagpipes and flutes. Bert caught the melodies eagerly and kept them secretly between the slats of his accordion. What later Bert stood together on stage with Thomas Hoste (Cecilia). Presumably both were adepts hurdy listen watering to a French hurdy-gurdy group ... with a lot of enthusiasm to go to work together. The three men met, was shot germ Elanor!
The trio was immediately reinforced by a finely tuned DADGAD guitar, played by the agile young scion Kuni Quintens. Jelle Van Cleemputte (Les Bandits de Belleville, Zinger, Zigo) makes his jazzy bass lines ensure that all drone violence carried in beautiful harmonies.
In 2013 Elanor launched a demo CD, rather as a business card to organizers.
The first full-fledged full CD "A Clear Look" came in the spring of 2016.
Elanor first CD, A Clear Look is part of the group of straight line as Cecilia (one of whose members is from) and offers partner dance to New Irish sounds, ranging from stuffed 2 times the languorous waltz, energetic circus circle to the languid mazurka.
(google-translate, sorry)

1. Voyage / Snap
2. A Clear Look / Le Chalet
3. Loops
4. Masque
5. Mateke
6. Souvenirs d'été
7. Kotor
8. Knock the Door
9. Pour Elle
10. Blown Away / Nuit Noire
11. Allépriya / Shvesta
12. Northern Village
13. Vellareels
14. 0808

Bert LEEMANS : Accordéon, Accordina
Thomas HOSTE : Vielle à roue alto et soprano
Bart PRAET : Uillean pipes, Bagpipe, Gaita, Flûte
Kuni QUINTENS : Guitare accoustique
Jelle Van CLEEMPUTTE : Basse électrique, Kick
Jeroen GEERINCK : Bodhran


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A Clear Look

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