Saturday, July 2, 2016

EmBRUN - №3 Live (Belgium 2013) @320

1. Intro Live And Kicking
2. Dr. Gonzales
3. Black Moon
4. Dabediwals
5. HP
6. Boem - Tsjack
7. Running Over - The Sunset
8. Red Moon
9. EmBRUNette
10. Brand New - Behavior
11. Tipsy Gipsy

Bert Leemans: chromatische accordeon
Harald Bauweraerts: draailier
Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven: doedelzak en sopraansax
Jonas Scheys: basgitaar
Ludo Stichelmeyer: drums en percussie


Yojik said...
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elad Ophir said...

works like a charm, cheers.

elad Ophir said...

I just wanted to let you know that I cherish it dearly and visit it regularly. I think your work is almost sacred, in the sence that most of the folk music I know - I came by through this blog, and to me personally that is a whole new world you helps me discover..

Even if there isn't always a big surge of applause for every post - there are some of us here who wait for every post and every chance to meet new music. What I'm trying to say is.. don't get discouraged, this place is very important to me and (I'm sure) to a great many other people.

sincerely yours,

Michel said...

something wrong with the password ??

CrimsonKing said...

Password is ok!
Thanks Yojik!

Yojik said...

to Elad:
Thank you for good words. This is important for us.

Anonymous said...

File has expired...

Yojik said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Much!

Maurice ALLAIN said...

fichier supprimé dommage !!!

mariosdias said...

Please re-upload...

CrimsonKing said...



mariosdias said...

thank you

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