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Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa (Warsaw Village Band) - Wykorzenienie (Uprooting) (2005 Poland) @320

Kapela ze wsi Warszawa (English: Warsaw Village Band) is a band from Warsaw, Poland which plays traditional Polish folk music tunes combined with modern elements.

According to the band's creative manifesto, it was formed as a response to mass culture and narrow-mindedness, "which in fact leads to [the] destruction of human dignity." Indeed, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the expansion of the European Union to most of the former Warsaw Pact countries, Poland's economy has grown dramatically, while at the same time ushering in investment by a number of multinational corporations, leading to concerns of globalism and loss of Poland's cultural identity.

Warsaw Village Band was intended to be a response to this trend by exploring Poland's musical traditions and making them relevant to its new capitalist economy. Member Wojciech Krzak has stated that "after the nightmare of Communism, we still have to fight for our identity, and we know that beauty and identity are still in our roots." Krzak has further stated that the band are "trying to create a new cultural proposition for the youth in an alternative way to contemporary show-biz." The band's very name appears to evoke what troubles Krzak about Poland's new capitalism: many large Polish cities do not have suburbs in the traditional sense, leading to unsettling transitions directly from city to field. To this end, in their most recent release, Wykorzenienie (Uprooting), the band traveled throughout Poland to find and record older musicians who still played almost-forgotten styles of music, thereafter incorporating those melodies into new songs and expounding upon them.

The band also incorporate socially-conscious folk lyrics in their songs. The song "Kto Się Zani" ("Who is Getting Married") on their second album, Wiosna Ludu (People's Spring), discusses a young country girl who refuses to be married off, opting instead to "sing, dance, and be free rather than being dependent on someone."

Warsaw Village Band have appeared at several international music festivals, including the 2005 Roskilde Festival in Denmark, the 2004 Masala Festival in Hanover, Germany, and the 2000 International Ethnic Music Fest in Germany.

01 - Roots Josef Lipinski
02 - In The Forest (W Boru Kalinka)
03 - Woman In Hell (Baba W Piekle)
04 - At The Front Of The Gates (A Przed Wroty)
05 - Polka From The Sieradz Region (Polka Z Sieradzkiego)
06 - Matthew (Mateusz)
07 - Roots Janina Zdrzalik
08 - Let's Play, Musicians!
09 - The Owl (Sowa)
10 - Grey Horse (Siwy Kon)
11 - Roots Kapela Mariana Pelki
12 - When Johnny Went To Fight In The War (A Jak Pojechal Jas Na Wojenke)
13 - Lament (Lament)
14 - I Slayed The Rye (Powalem)
15 - Roots Kazimierz Zdrzalik
16 - Fishie (Rybicka)

Cello – Maja Kleszcz
Drum – Maciej Szajkowski
Dulcimer – Magdalena Sobczak
Lyre – Wojtek Krzak*
Violin – Sylwia Świątkowska, Wojtek Krzak*
Violin [Fidel Płocka] – Sylwia Świątkowska
Vocals – Kazimierz Zdrzalik (tracks: 10), Magdalena Sobczak, Maja Kleszcz, Sylwia Świątkowska


CrimsonKing said...

Wykorzenienie (Uprooting)

Lucia de Fatima Felix da Silva said...

Excelente banda, obrigada por postar. Bravo pela iniciativa dos membros da banda em percorrer seu país em busca de resgatar sua identidade cultural, sua música, seus costumes, seus valores, devastados por essa praga chamada comunismo.

Anonymous said...

OMG, This album is so awesome! Thank you very much.

CrimsonKing said...

Sim, é uma banda bem interessante, mais ou menos do tipo do Varttinä.
Vou postar os outros álbuns também.
I will post all the other albums too.

Anonymous said...

Olá CrimsonKing,
Seu nickname para mim já é ABSOLUTO.Desde que conheci o "Rei Carmim", eles nunca mais saíram do meu player. Louvável o seu trabalho aqui e lá no BrainDamage. Tenho viajado muito aos mais recônditos Países graças aos seus posts.
Inclusive seu blog foi alvo de comentário altamente positivo numa aula de filosofia da qual eu participo. O professor destacou que as músicas que nos trazem ótimas energias são as folk e principalmente se criadas e tocadas por membros de sua origem. Um grande abraço. Vida longa Crimson.

Air Force - Indaiatuba/SP

CrimsonKing said...

Obrigado pelas gentis palavras Air Force!
Fico contente quando alguém gosta dos Blogs e das músicas que coloco.
De fato, dá para viajar bastante ouvindo folks de outros países.
É divertido e a gente sempre se enriquece culturalmente.
Seguimos em frente!


Anonymous said...

Sounds promising.. thanks!

Anonymous said...

O link ardeu :(
"Error: Unable to find site's URL to redirect to."
Será possivel meter de novo online?

Ass: Matusalem

CrimsonKing said...

The link is working with no problems.
I did the download right now.

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