Sunday, July 24, 2016

Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa (Warsaw Village Band) - Wiosna Ludu (People's Spring) (2001 Poland) @320

Kapela ze wsi Warszawa (English: Warsaw Village Band) is a band from Warsaw, Poland which plays traditional Polish folk music tunes combined with modern elements.

One of the most important albums in the discography of Warsaw Village Band, who appointed for the coming years and follows the direction of the team. Pioneering compositions based on spicy melodies. Power, trans, energy, spiritual revolution. 
Moving songs to cry, powerful batches piece string and energy cannonade of drums and a massive dub, delighted audiences around the world, teleporting Kapela the most important scenes and festivals. "Spring of the People" was nominated for the prestigious BBC Radio 3, and the song "In my Matecki" won the Grand Prix Svetozár Stračina the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) for the best song inspired by folk music. The album, originally released by the publishing house Tri Orange World, lived to see the European edition of the illustrious German label Jaro and edit American belonging to the Harmonia Mundi label World Village. 

01 - Do Ciebie Kasiuniu.mp3
02 - Taniec Chasydzki.mp3
03 - U Mojej Matecki.mp3
04 - Niolam Kochanecka.mp3
05 - Cerwone Jabluszko.mp3
06 - Polka Szydlowiecka.mp3
07 - Kto Sie Zani.mp3
08 - Bystra Woda.mp3
09 - Cózes Ty Kasiu.mp3
10 - Polka Folk Is Dead.mp3
11 - Pada Deszczyk.mp3
12 - Zurawie.mp3
13 - Maydów.mp3

Katarzyna SZURMAN: Fiddle, Voix
Maja MAYALL KLEZCZ: Basse, Voix
Sylwia MAZURA SWIATKOWSKA: Violon, Fiddle, Voix
Wojciech SZPAK MC KRZAK: Violon, Jew's harp, Voix
Piotr PROF. GLINA GLINSKI:  Percussion
Maciej HERSZT SZAJKOWSKI: Frame drums, Dhol, Voix
Marta STANISLAWSKA: Dulcimer
Wojciech PULCYN: Contrebasse
Maciej CIERLIK CIERLINSKI: Hurdy-Gurdy [Vielle à Roue]


CrimsonKing said...

Wiosna Ludu (People's Spring)

Anonymous said...

Interesting group.
Thank you, CK.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I really like this band, is awesome. Pleace, more of them! Thank you so much.

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