Sunday, July 3, 2016

Orbál - Noctispora (Belgium 2014) @320

From the forests of the North to the deserts of Arabia, from furthest shores to welcoming hearths, Orbal's compositions immerse you in a world of wild landscapes, will-o'-the-wisps, parody pirates, gipsy swing and oriental rhythms.

Since 2007, these young musicians have been performing at concerts, bals and festivals (read the history of Orbál). They come together from three corners of Belgium to share their musical influences. Performing exclusively their own compositions, they play with the boundaries of music for dancing. This is contemporary folk which, inspired from its roots, continuously explores new horizons.

Orbal released an EP ‘Le lendemain de la veille’ in 2009, and recorded a new EP ’L'heure du thé’ in 2012. Their first album ‘Noctispora’ was released in May 2014 on the record label Appel Rekords. They have played at Festival Dranouter, Festival Les Anthinoises, Muziekpublique, Folk Festival Musiques et Traditions, Muziekmozaïek, Boombal, 't Ey, Folk in Leuven, Bal XL,...

Rebecca Van Bogaert: flute, alto flute, piccolo, metallophone, vocals
Lise Smolders: soprano and tenor saxophone, clarineau, vocals
Simon Laffineur: guitar, vocals
Fanny Vandenbergh: bass guitar, banjo, vocals
Simon Leleux: thousand and one percussions, vocals

1. Kamperfoelie
2. L'heure du thé
3. Aigle bleu
4. Noctispora
5. Miralh miralh / Granda orsa
6. Winter's coming
7. Bâdiya
8. Oscar Wilde
9. Kahroba
10. Morpheus' arms
11. Piratenlied
12. Waltz der dwazen


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