Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Chalibaude - 1976 [FRA] - Les noces du papillon @320

This is the real vinyl rip of this excellent record.
Never released on CD.

French electrified folk band combining music from the 17th through to 20th Century in original and adapted compositions, whose members are from Chatellerault, Nantes and Poitiers. As the album only list the musicians first names, their identities were pretty much a mystery.
Pretty much overlooked at the time their sole album is now highly regarded as one of the finest of French 1970s folk-rock.

A1     Là-Bas Dans Les Prairies
A2     Les Noces Du Papillon
A3     La Cuiller Et La Marmite
A4     La Messe À Poitiers
A5     Le Retour Dau Guaret
B1     L'Alouette Et Le Marlot
B2     La Fille Du Rochelais
B3     Arantelle
B4     La Maîtresse Du Voltigeur
B5     Jarni Perrot
B6     Là-Bas Dans Les Prairies (Reprise)

Michel: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Dulcimer, Flute, Vocals
Francis: Crumhorn
Popoff: Drums, Percussion, Flute
Christian: Guitar, Bass, Crumhorn, Banjo, Vocals
Jojo: Violin, Organ


Left Blank said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Left Blank.

Looking forward to this!

Jan from Netherlands

Jon said...

Thank you Left Blank for joining Crimson Kings wonderful blog. I am looking forward to listening to both selections you have shared. Hopefully there will be many more just as interesting. Welcome!!

Molki said...

Hi, Chalibaude was :
Michel Lefort : Cello and other instr.
Christian Bonneault : guitar
Georges "Popoff" Felletin : violon, keyboards
Jean Chevalier : Drums, percussion, bass clarinet

Left Blank said...

Thanks Molki !

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