Sunday, August 28, 2016

Gheorghe Zamfir - Colors (1990 Romania) [256m4a]

This is a greatest-hits album by the self-proclaimed King of the Pan Flute. A version of Mozart's "Elvira Madigan" and Zamfir's most famous piece "The Lonely Shepherd" stand out among the popular tunes and original compositions. Most pieces are heavily orchestrated with sweeping strings backing Zamfir's simple pan flute. This is ultra-romantic music aimed with great success right at the heart of the easy-listening market.

Thanks to Left Blank for introducing me to this man :)

1     Colors of Spring    (Gheorghe Zamfir)    3:29    
2     Theme from Limelight    (Charlie Chaplin)    3:22    
3     Rocking Chair    3:18    
4     Seagulls    (Gheorghe Zamfir)    3:26    
5     Andrew's Theme    (Michael Hoppé)    2:47    
6     She    (Charles Aznavour / Herbert Kretzmer)    4:01    
7     Hello    (Lionel Richie)    4:05    
8     Cent Mille Chansons    (Michel Magne / Eddy Marnay)    4:48    
9     Wild Theme    (Mark Knopfler)    3:39    
10     Valse Roumaine    (Gheorghe Zamfir)    5:41    
11     Elvira Madigan    (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)    5:14    
12     To My Son Teo    (Gheorghe Zamfir)    5:30    
13     The Lonely Shepherd    (James Last)    4:25
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