Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Keris - 1977 [FRA] - Avel Vor (Vinyl Rip) @320

The follow-up of "YS - Madame La Frontère"
Never released on CD. Very rare !
ENGLISH (Google translate)

Here we are in the presence of Avel Vor of KERIS, group born from the ashes of YS. The great Rene WERNEER is no longer in the game, and Pascal STIVE trying to take over, perhaps not as leader but as a master composer and arranger. With musicians of the caliber of Michel SANTANGELI Jacky THOMAS (reminder of former musicians Alan STIVELL as Pascal and Rene) and Pierre Chereze, it did not take him long to give birth to this work which will unfortunately a sort of testament. We can even say that everything happened too fast ...

"O'Keefe's Place" is a bit like the album: well made, even very nice, but a bit frustrating final anyway. The qualities are not lacking, but the feeling is not the same as the album YS René WERNEER, perhaps because of the arrangements, perhaps because of some songs too ... Or maybe be simply because Avel Vor is the unique album of KERIS that, although it is a variation of YS, is the last experience that links Pascal, Michael and Jacky (not forgetting Pierre and Patrick that will have a great job). So a little frustrating, but this disc proves nevertheless very interesting, and with titles that may displease the Celtic folk rock fans.

Patrick Molard - Bagpipes, Uilleann Pipes, Flute, Bombarde, Tin Whistle
Serge Derrien - Vocals
Jacky Thomas "Blet"* - Vocals, Bass
Michel Santangeli - Vocals, Drums
Pierre Chérèze - Vocals, Guitar
Pascal Stive - Vocals, Keyboards
David Rose Violin (4)


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