Tuesday, August 9, 2016

La Confrérie des fous - 1979 [FRA] - Vinyl Rip @256

With members of Malicorne, La Bamboche, Mélusine

Founded in 1979 by Lawrence Vercambre (Malicorne), La confrérie des Fous is an original folk group representative "delusional" in late 1970. Its musicians develop a folk rock, tinged with ancient music.
Created around a concept, fools fairs in the Middle Ages, during which madness became legal, the band is of variable geometry. It includes at least 8 people on stage 12 on the single album recorded by the group. (...) The "women folk" that are Emmanuelle Parrenin (ex-Mélusine), Evelyne Girardon (ex-La Bamboche) and Valérie Terrell (former Equinoxe), realize the opportunity for an important voice work independently of other musicians. Laurent Vercambre manages, for its part, the instrumental parts and interpretation of songs. Incidentally the irruption of a string quartet, in which are already Vercambre Laurent and Pierre Ganem violin.

On stage, The Brotherhood appears with a lot of costumes and makeup in a comedy show that attempts reflection of medieval crazy celebrations.

01 La danse des fous
02 Il est bel et bon - On m’appelle fou
03 Valse de l’échiquier
04 La part à Dieu - Le cri du gueux
05 Le diable - L’entrée du Titanic dans le pot de New York
06 Nykel - Jeu de l’oie
07 Mon ami (Ronde) - Jouissance vous donnerai
08 La danse des fous


Left Blank said...

La confrérie des fous

Anonymous said...

Hello Left Blank.

This is very interesting!I know and like Malicorne, Melusine and Parrenin. But I never heard about this collaboration. Many thanks!

I liked the Chalibaude very much. Looking forward to your other posts.

Jan from the Netherlands.

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Left Blank!

Molki said...

Hi, this is an excellent post. The vinyl LP is long out of print, and there is no talk of reissuing it (I had a chat with Emmanuelle Parrenin about it last year).
Thank you very much for sharing.

Left Blank said...

Molki, have a look on Amazon.fr :-) !

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