Thursday, August 18, 2016

Le Claque Galoche - 1975 [FRA] - Folk traditionnel francais (Vinyl Rip, @320)

Vinyl Rip (Not available on CD)

Le Claque Galoche gave us 3 albums that compose the discography of this dissident group, they were opposed to the world of money and show-biz. They scoured the France and Francophone countries.
They were a band of beer lovers and rolling in 2CV, they recorded medieval melodies with traditional texts and instruments, the themes of the songs are from multiple protest songs or drinking or satirical themes.
They never wanted to touch royalties on their recordings.
They symbolize a libertarian era that is reflected in the texts and music both old and folk.

Concertina, Violin, Mandolin – Anatole Benoît
Flute, Vocals – Patrick Perroton
Mandola, Bouzouki, Vocals – Alain Cluzeau
Violin, Guitar, Vocals, Accordion – Christian Oller


Anonymous said...

thank you, I seek the third

gregosgregos said...

" La Marche de fin de bal "est excellente
Elle ressemble beaucoup à une monferrina piémontaise.

CrackedTopCat said...

Hello again, I've got the same problem on this as on Cornemusiques...

Anonymous said...

Thanx : )

Left Blank said...

New Link - No PW

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