Monday, August 29, 2016

V.A. - 1979 (France) Grand Bal Folk @320

La Bamboche, Malicorne, Le Grand Rouge, La Chiffonie

01 La Bamboche     Bourrée De Ladonne / Bourrée Du Viallaneix
02 Malicorne     Branle Poitevin
03 La Bamboche     Branle Du Rat / Polka De Baugy    
04 Le Grand Rouge     Polka Du Père Frédéric
05 La Chifonnie     La Marche Vermot
06 La Bamboche     La Poule / La Louise / La Bourrée De Chaumeil (Bourrées)
07 La Bamboche     Gigue De Marmetoux / Polka Du Bas Berry
08 Malicorne     Branle
09 Malicorne     Gavotte
10 La Chifonnie     La Mandragore (Polka)
11 La Bamboche     Montagnarde Bourbonnaise (Bourrée à Trois Temps)
12 Malicorne     Bourrée / Scottish / Valse
13 La Bamboche     Rosalie / La Velhada (Marches)
14 La Chifonnie     La Valse Des Balançoires
15 La Bamboche     Mazurka De Lapleau / Pas D'Été à L'Henri Caillaux
16 La Chifonnie     Frana (Valse)


CrackedTopCat said...

Sorry folks, but I am getting the same result with Grand Bal Folk as I did with the Cornemusiques and Le Claque Galoche : no request for a password just an 'Operation not permitted' Error 1 message. I had no such problem with the recent Old Blind Dogs post. Could I be using the wrong unzipperS?

CrackedTopCat said...

Back again - problem sorted - it downloades as .zip - I changed it to .rar and it asked for the password and unzipped! Thanks for these posts.

Jay said...

First of all I would like to thank everybody who has spent time to create such an amazing web. Great job!!!
I cannot open this file as I do with other files I have tried and enjoyed.
Please be so kind to check the file with this PW, maybe this is not the right one.

Thanks in advance.

Luis Cabrera said...

this archive are corrupted. do you can reload again ? thanks

Left Blank said...

I tried from another PC than mine... It works perfectly...
It's a ZIP file to uncompress with Winzip whith the indicated password.

Left Blank said...

New Link - No PW

CrimsonKing said...

The new link is working fine!
I had no problems.

Luis Cabrera said...

yes. Is a zip file compresed, a lot tanks

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