Friday, August 5, 2016

Vesevo - Vesevo (2015 Italy) @320

Vesevo is the old name of the Vesuvius, the famous still-active volcano in the surroundings of Napoli. Vesevo is also the name of a brand new musical project where southern Italian traditional music rises again thanks to a modern twist, like the unstoppable lava flow on the cover art of its debut album.

The members of this ensemble are Antonio Di Ponte (voice and guitar), Antonio Fraioli (violin and arrangements), and Francesco Manna (frame drums), armed with an extensive experience in the research, the practice and the teaching of these perennial musical traditions. Fraioli and Manna are members of the former Real World signed band Spaccanapoli augmented by Di Ponte with a vocal style honed by years of performing in festivals.

The album, recorded live in studio, is made of 9 tracks based on typical musical structures such as pizzica and tarantella with a modern approach that reminds Ludovico Einaudi and Taranta Power.

01 - O Rre Rre
02 - Catarina
03 - Scioscia Viento
04 - Muntagna Pe Muntagna
05 - Tarantamara
06 - Figliole
07 - Tarantella Alla Calabrese
08 - Tammurriata
09 - Riturnella

Frame Drum, Percussion – Francesco Paolo Manna
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar [Battente] – Antonio Di Ponte
Violin [Acoustic And Electric], Keyboards, Jew's Harp [Marranzano] – Antonio Fraioli


CrimsonKing said...



gregosgregos said...

Thank you Crim !
I recommand especially the listening of the violin in " Tarantamara "

At the 2016's session of " les Bals de l'Europe " in Saint Gervais,
we learnt in 2 stages to dance the pizzicata and then the tammuriata with a very performing group, " Terminal Traghetti ".
And then we danced these 2 dances at 2 bals of " Terminal Traghetti ", plus the " italian carnival", " sbrando " and other dances.
It has been a big success and the atmosphere was magic.
I recommand especially the very funny and energetic dance " pizzicata ".

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