Friday, September 30, 2016

Snaar - 1976 [Belgium] - Snaar (Vinyl Rip, @320)

Audio samples

I saw this belgian band live quite often in the 70s.
Spending an evening with De Snaar (as with RUM, who played in the same vein) was always the assurance of a great evening.
It was a nice time ...

A1- Het kannenfeest
A2- De ridder die ging jagen
A3- Trage Mars (nr.19)
A4- Vier weverkens
A5- Wijnlied-Lied van de vrije markt
A6- Rozemarijntje-Sint Valentijn
A7- Schoon lieveken
A8- Wieringen

B1- De muzikale prijs
B2- Goed gezelschap-Krebbel
B3- Blokkendans
B4- Den anderen
B5- Ge zegt dat ge mij nodig hebt
B6- Het maske en de linde
B7- Mallemolendans
B8- Rue du village
B9- Ik wil deze nacht in de straten verdwalen

Musiciens :

Jan De Smet : chant, accordéon
Stef Koekoekx : chant, violon
Kris De Smet : chant, hautbois, flûte

additional musicians:

Michel Verstraeten : contrebasse
Rens Van de Zalm : violon, mandoline
Jean Blaute : piano
Stoy Stoffelen : percussion
Ron Cottam : guitare basse
Alfred Den ouden : tympanon

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tarentule - 1977 [FRA] - Tarentule @320

Audio samples
This is a masterpiece !
A folk quartet formed in 74, Tarentule exploited the trad pre-classical folk vein in a stricter observance of the traditions than Malicorne ever did, although some of their instruments are a little unusual for that type of music (cornet). The group toured the folk scene before recording their sole self-titled album in April 77, the album being released later that year, but it will not change the group's popularity and actually divide it into a folk-ball unit, much to the displeasure of Bernard Lasbleiz. The group will part (end of 78) into two different groups, Lasbleiz founding Ti Jaz in Paris, while the other three will develop Eastern European folk music in Taraf.

1. Branles - Dits d'Écosse / Le Déserteur du régiment d'Auvergne / Air d'après Gaillarde d'Hassler
2. Adieu ma si charmante blonde / Trist' Annada / Marche de Goliath et sa femme
3. Les Galios / Seigneurs, sachez qui or s'en ira
4. L'Oiseau de la Meunière / Avant-deux
5. Au saint Nau / Noël anglais
6. Trimousette

Jean-Patrick Hélard : violon, guitare, psaltérion, percussions
José Ponzone : chant, mandoloncelle, cornet à pistons, courtaud, flûte à bec, vielle à roue, violoncelle, percussions
Bernard Lasbleiz : chant, accordéon, concertina, percussions
Alain Rolland : chant, mandole, violon, psaltérion, dulcimer, violoncelle, guitare portugaise, percussions

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc - Deliverance (Norway / Sweden / Shetland 2016) @320

Since 2009 ‘The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc’ have captivated audiences throughout the world with their unique blend of music, onstage sense of humour and inter-band ‘banter’.

“Deliverance” is their eagerly awaited follow up to their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album and features traditional and self-penned material played with passion, vigour and an intensity for which they have become known.

Of the new album, band member, Kevin Henderson said “We took our time with this album and we are very happy with how it has turned out. I think this album has seen a definite progression from the first album in terms of the bands sound and with arrangement ideas for example. Theres also a higher percentage of our own compositions on this album compared to the first but we still have a lot of focus on the traditional music from where we all come from.”

Olav Luksengård Mjelva - Norway - Hardanger Fiddle & Octave Fiddle
Kevin Henderson - Shetland - Fiddle
Anders Hall - Sweden - Fiddle & Viola

Officially released in Scandinavia February 10th and released in the UK/rest of the world on April 1st.

01. Talons Trip to Thompson Island
02. Flinken
03. Hjaltaren
04. The Hen Hunt
05. Deliverance (Befrielsen)
06. Djävulspolskan (The Devil´s Polska)
07. In the Lounge
08. Halls Lilla Vals (Hall´s little Waltz)
09. Da Scallowa Lasses - Lorna´s Reel
10. Nødåret (The Year of Sorrow)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc (Norway / Sweden / Shetland 2011) @320

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc comprise Olav Luksengård Mjelva (Norway), Anders Hall (Sweden) and Kevin Henderson (Shetland).
Olav is an award winning musician who is also a member of the acclaimed band SVER and widely recognised as one of Norway’s finest fiddle players; Anders, also a member of SVER is continually cited as one of Sweden’s leading fiddle players across a broad range of styles, while Kevin, one of Shetlands finest fiddle players, is a member of such bands as Boys of the Lough, Fiddlers’ Bid and Session A9. What more need be said!  
Individually they are regarded as three of the finest young fiddle players currently working in the international folk music scene, while collectively they are now finding themselves increasingly in demand across the world due to their unique collaboration, onstage sense of humour and inter-band ‘banter’.
Norway, Sweden and Shetland have three of the richest fiddle traditions in the world, with documented historical links going back hundreds of years. ‘Nordic Fiddlers Bloc’ seek to bring those historical links and traditions alive and present them in an exciting new fashion, while also remaining faithful to the roots of each tradition.
While blending the individual styles together, they never-the-less allow each distinctive flavour to unfold into a combined sound that’s unique, meaningful, intense and invigorating.

1. Sangenuten
2. Un-named Shetland Reel
3. Polska From Delsbo
4. Da Greenland Mans Tune
5. Jenna Reid Of Quarff
6. Marias 27th Birthday Plattgympa
7. Midnight On The Water / Bonapartes Retreat
8. Halling From Trondheim
9. Fjellvåk
10. Paella Grande
11. The Full Rigged Ship / The New Rigged

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Carl Erik Lundgaard Jensen - Yderland (Denmark 2008) @320

Carl Erik Lundgaard, together with Poul Lendal and Keld Nørgaard in the orchestra Lang Linken game traditional balmusik for nearly 40 years. Carl Erik Lundgaard with Lang Linken as such is one of the most cherished institutions and orchestras in the living Danish folk music tradition.
Carl Erik Lundgaard has with CD Outer Land decided to focus solely on the music, own compositions and arrangements. He romped with new combinations of instruments and play comrades from other music genres. His traditional way of playing and measures are still intact.

1. Jens Mynsters Chance (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
2. Fridafred (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
3. Solpols (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
4. Polonaise/Svøpsk (trad/arr. Mads Riishede/Carl Erik Lundgaard)
5. Halsscottish (Hal Parfitt-Murray/Carl Erik Lundgaard)
6. Macværk (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
7. Peter van Maarens Scottish (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
8. Kældermusik part 1 (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
9. Kældermusik part 2 (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
10. Valsen til Sofie (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
11. Mørkviolet (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
12. Første Brudestykke (trad/arr. Mads Riishede/Carl Erik Lundgaard)
13. Kirstens (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
14. Valsen til Christine (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
Carl Erik Lundgaard: Diatonisk harmonika (Diatonic accordion)Kromatisk harmonika (Chromatic accordion)
Mads Riishede: Bas (Bass)Akustisk & elguitar (Acoustic and electric guitars), Shaker, Tambourin (Tambourine)
Søren Bebe: Würlitzer
Christian Frank: Elguitar (Electric guitar)
Palle Hjort: Hammondorgel (Hammond Organ), Trædeorgel (Harmonium) Mellotron (Mellotron)
Klaver (Piano)
Kristian Karottki:Trommer (Drums),Tambourin (Tambourine,) Shaker (Shaker)
Hal Parfitt-Murray: Violin (Violin), Bratsch (Viola)
Jacob Frandsen: Spansk guitar (Nylon stringed guitar,)Akustisk guitar (Acoustic guitar)
Keld Nørgaard: Humle (Dulcimer) & saz
Mikkel Rørbæk: Elguitar (Electric guitar), Hawaiiguitar (Hawaiian guitar),Akustisk guitar (Acoustic guitar)
Christoffer S. Møller: Würlitzer
Harald Haugaard: Violin

La Machine - Super Gain (France 2016) @320

1/ La Chenacoise (J.Barbances, La Machine)
2/ Dessus le Pont de Bayonne (trad)
3/ Des sourires et des Roses, La Vrille, Le Bosquet (G.Jolivet, J.Barbances, La Machine)
4/ Super Gain (J.Barbances, La Machine)
5/ La Rose Blanche, Amour tu n'entend point (trad)
6/ La Napolitaine, James (J.Barbances, G.Jolivet, La Machine)
7/ La Craque (Jl. Cayzac, La Machine)
8/ Les Trois Fendeux (trad)
9/ Vive l'Amour (trad)
10/ Mazurka des Loups (J.Barbances, La Machine)
11/ Rossignolet, Minicassette (Trad, J.Barbances, Jl. Cayzac, La Machine)
12/ Paco, Fontfrin (G.Jolivet, La Machine, Trad) 

Julien Barbances : voix, Violon, cornemuse 20 pouces, crotales
Gregory Jolivet : Vielles à roue, choeur, banjo
Jean-Laurent Cayzac : contrebasse, choeur, guitare, basse
Florian Huygebaert : percussions, choeur
Marc Riou: percussions additionnelles

La Machine - Les couleurs (France 2011) @320

1. Je t’apprendrai / Les tulipiers (bourrées à 3 temps, M. Riou)
2. Les couleurs (ronde, Trad.)
3. Aimer n’est pas un crime (Trad.)
4. Haut les coeurs (scottishs, J. Barbances et G. Jolivet)
5. L’Ombre verte (bourrée à 2 temps, J. Barbances)
6. Le Français et l’Allemande (Trad.) / Main pleine (mazurka, G. Jolivet)
7. Mazurka des grand-mères (mazurka créole, Trad.)
8. Où allez-vous la belle ? (Trad.)
9. Le mandragou / Rougail (rondeau / cercle, J. Barbances et G. Jolivet)
10. L’alouette et le merlot (Trad.)
11. Tes histoires / Les cartes (valses à 5 temps, G. Jolivet)
12. Le flambeau d’Amour / La belle Isabeau (bourrées à 3 temps, Trad.)
13. Vive la jeunesse (ronde, Trad.)
14. Passons par la route (mazurka, J. Barbances)

Julien Barbances : chant, cornemuse 20 pouces, violon
Grégory Jolivet : vielle alto, vielle en ré, choeur
Jean-Laurent Cayzac : contrebasse, guitare, violoncelle, choeur
Marc Riou : percussions, choeur

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

La Machine - Il est encore temps (France 2007) @320

1. Il est encore temps (Barbances - La Machine)
2. La toupie (Barbances - La Machine)
3. L’âne (traditionnel)
4. Mazurka gazaouie (Barbances - La Machine)
5. Voici le mois de mai (traditionnel)
6. La chanson de la mariée (traditionnel)
7. Sunshine (Jolivet - La Machine)
8. Le matin je me lève (traditionnel)
9 . Tampoura (Barbances - La Machine)
10. Miranda, Les trois feuilles (Barbances - La Machine)
11. Je viens à vous (traditionnel)
12. La lune (traditionnel)
13. La fille du fermier (traditionnel)
14. Virginie (traditionnel)
15. Jeu de balle (Jolivet - La Machine)
16. Gannat, oui! (Jolivet - La Machine) ​

Julien Barbances : cornemuse 20 pouces, violon, chant, pandeiro
Gregory Jolivet : vielle alto, vielle en ré
Jean-laurent Cayzac : contrebasse, violoncelle, choeur
Marc Riou : percussions, choeur

Invité :
David Lecrot , accordéon diatonique

Monday, September 19, 2016

E-Leizh - L8.1 ( France / Bretagne 2014) @320

1. Ça décompose la lumière (Première ronde)
2. Ça décompose la lumière (Baleu)
3. Ça décompose la lumière (Seconde ronde)
4. Ça décompose la lumière (Riqueniée)
5. L'autre jour
6. Batman à Saint-Arnel
7. Son trist plouray
8. J'ai perdu ma femme en plantant des choux
9. De terre à terre l'envol (Première dañs plinn)
10. De terre à terre l'envol (Bal plinn)
11. De terre à terre l'envol (Seconde dañs plinn)
12. Mange-disc au coldu
13. P'oen me merc'hig yaouank

Ronan Le Dissez (bombarde)
Stéphane Foll (biniou)
Yann-Guirec Le Bars (guitare, mandoline)
Pierre Stephan (violon)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jean-François Dutertre - Si L'amour Prenait Racine (France 1980) [320]

Jean-François Dutertre is a French singer-songwriter and player of the hurdy-gurdy, épinette des Vosges, and traditional French music. He also plays the bodhran and the bouzouki.

He has been a member of the band Mélusine and a house collaborator on the disk Le Chant du Monde. He is a great proponent of modal music and has conducted numerous workshops. He is an advocate of the professionalisation of traditional musicians and singers and defends their rights in the CIMT [1] (Centre d’information des musiques traditionnelles et du monde).

Born in 1948 to Norman parents, he studied literature and also taught. He worked as a phonothécaire at the department of ethnomusicology at the musée de l'homme, and became enammored of traditional music, particularly French. He became involved in the Folk Revival of the 1960s, and joined the first French folk-club, Le Bourdon ("the drone"), and traveled to collect music in Quebec and Ireland in 1969 and 1970, as well as in Vosges from 1970-1972.[1]

From 1975 to 1983, he was the executive producer and director of the collection of the label Chant du Monde, where he also worked to develop the Anthologie de la musique traditionnelle française. He played in the folk group Melusine from 1975-1990.

A1     Si L'amour Prenait RaCine     3:38
A2     Dans Mon Cœur Il N'y A Point D'amour     2:10
A3     Le Vingt-cinq Du Mois Dd'avril     2:30
A4     Je M'en Vais Dedans Les Îles     3:43
A5     La Bien-aimée     2:00
A6     Les Tristes Noces     6:09
B1     Quand Jétais Chez Mon Père     2:49
B2     La Fille Du Roi Loÿs     6:15
B3     "Hélas Mon Cœur..."     3:25
B4     "Souvent Soupire..."     3:11
B5     La Blanche Biche     5:01

SonDeSeu - Trastempo (Galicia 2007) [256m4a]

SonDeSeu is the first orchestra of folk music and traditional of Galicia , regarded as one of the first orchestras folk of Europe [1] , which consists of 53 members and directed by Rodrigo Romania . It is also one of the first European orchestras contemporary folk music. Its repertoire consists of topics from the oral tradition of popular music of Galicia, especially arranged for training for their components and responsible for different sections, covering bagpipes , percussion , hurdy , violins , exquisitely and flutes of wood, singing , harps and plucked strings.

1.    Alén    3:38
2.    A Camposa    4:45
3.    Vals De Arousa    3:19
4.    Foliada De Nostián    4:21
5.    De Mostao A Millares    2:29
6.    Costureiriña    5:19
7.    Nun Cacho Dun Anaco    2:47
8.    Namoreir@    5:07
9.    O Paraiso    4:41
10.    Nena Morena    3:38
11.    Ramanalama    2:46
12.    O Cantar Que Nunca Acaba    11:10

Martin Carthy - Carthy Chronicles (England 2001) [256m4a]

CD 1 - Classic Carthy
1.    Wood Wilson Carthy / Scarborough Fair    4:12
2.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Byker Hill    2:57
3.    Steeleye Span / Cold Haily Windy Night    4:25
4.    Martin Carthy / Skewbald    3:58
5.    Martin Carthy / Creeping Jane    4:17
6.    M Carthy, H Evans, J Kirkpatrick, R Thompson / Old Horse    3:52
7.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / A Question Of Sport    3:41
8.    Martin Carthy, Howard Evans, John Kirkpatrick / Lovely Joan    3:13
9.    Brass Monkey / The Maid And The Palmer    5:38
10.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Begging Song    6:21
11.    Martin Carthy / I Was A Young Man    2:44
12.    Martin Carthy / Prince Heathen    7:55
13.    The Watersons w Rachel Waterson / Prickle Holly Bush    5:31
14.    Martin Carthy / Lord Franklin    3:39
15.    Albion Band / Lemady/Arise And Pick A Posy    3:22
16.    Martin Carthy / Famous Flower Of Serving Men    9:21
17.    Plain Capers Band / Glorishears    2:44

CD 2 - Carthy in Company
1.    Martin Carthy & The Albion Country Band / The New St. George    4:24
2.    Band of Hope / Carthy's March/The Lemon Tree    4:29
3.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / I haven't told her, she hasn't told me    1:19
4.    Martin Carthy, Rory McEwen & Lia Turner / My Girl    2:34
5.    Steeleye Span / Boys of Bedlam    4:20
6.    Three City Four / Oh Had I A Golden Thread    2:58
7.    Blue Murder / ANC Song (Azicatal)    2:26
8.    Thamesiders / Wimoweh (exerpt)    1:05
9.    The Watersons / Young Banker    3:10
10.    Ashley Hutchings & Friends / The Postman's Knock    1:56
11.    John Kirkpatrick & The Plain Capers Band / Constant Billy    5:35
12.    Martin Carthy & John Kirkpatrick / Lakes of Cold Flynn    5:30
13.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Irish Washerwoman/The Ash Plant    3:04
14.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Arthur McBride    3:23
15.    Waterson:Carthy / The Royal Forester/Bald-headed End of the Broom    6:26
16.    0skorri / Nafarroa    4:11
17.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / The Wren    1:37
18.    Steeleye Span / The King    1:26
19.    The Watersons / Joy Health Love And Peace    1:36
20.    Steeleye Span / Hunting the Wren    2:47
21.    Martin Carthy & June Tabor / Hunting the Cutty Wren    3:21
22.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Byker Hill    7:30

CD 3 - Carthy Contemporaries
1.    Martin Carthy & John Kirkpatrick / Nothing Rhymed    2:12
2.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Lord Of The Dance    2:43
3.    Martin Carthy / Rivers Of Babylon    1:24
4.    Three City Four / History Lesson    2:56
5.    Martin Carthy / The January Man    3:18
6.    Martin Carthy / Ballad Of Alfie Hinds    2:37
7.    Martin Carthy / The Humane Turnkey    2:20
8.    Martin Carthy / Farewell, Farewell    3:17
9.    Martin Carthy / Dust To Dust    3:43
10.    Martin Carthy / Stitch In Time    3:06
11.    Martin Carthy / Trimdon Grange Explosion    5:14
12.    Martin Carthy / Palaces Of Gold    5:00
13.    Martin Carthy / Springhill Mine Disaster    4:15
14.    The Watersons / Coal Not Dole    3:27
15.    Martin Carthy / Perfumes Of Arabia    3:32
16.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Such A War Has Never Been    3:36
17.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / The Wife Of The Soldier    1:34
18.    Martin Carthy / The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carol    5:03
19.    Martin Carthy / The Ant And The Grasshopper    2:57
20.    Martin Carthy / Company Policy    3:59
21.    Martin Carthy / Monday Morning    2:37
22.    Sreeleye Span / Rave On    1:54
23.    Martin Carthy / Oor Hamlet    3:49
24.    Martin Carthy / The Harry Lime Theme    3:32

CD 4 - Child: Carthy
1.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Jack Orion    4:09
2.    Martin Carthy / The Seven Virgins    3:03
3.    Martin Carthy, Rory McEwan & Lisa Turner / Duncan And Brady    2:23
4.    Martin Carthy / Geordie    3:26
5.    Martin Carthy & Eliza Carthy / Sir Patrick Spens    5:36
6.    Martin Carthy / King Henry    6:20
7.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Sovay The Female Highwayman    3:45
8.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Man Of Newlyn Town    2:19
9.    Martin Carthy / The Bows Of London    5:55
10.    Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick / Lucy Wan    4:19
11.    Martin Carthy / Lord Randall    4:35
12.    Martin Carthy / The Whale Catchers    3:00
13.    Martin Carthy / Rufford Park Poachers    3:54
14.    Martin Carthy / John Barleycorn    2:28
15.    Martin Carthy / Hard Times Of Old England    2:57
16.    Mrs Akroyd Band / Hard Cheese Of Old England    2:49
17.    Martin Carthy & Isla St Clair / Over The Hills And Far Away    2:02
18.    Martin Carthy / The Farmer's Servant    1:50
19.    Steeleye Span / False Knight On The Road    5:36
20.    Martin Carthy & Bert Jansch / The Elfin Knight    3:51

Friday, September 16, 2016

Various Artists - Dutch Rare Folk - 43 Lost Classics From the Golden Age of Nederfolk 1967-1987 (Netherlands 2007) @320

This compilation is assembled by Fonos who have one of the first official CDR library copy services with a lot of rare Dutch records. They have developped a huge library and extensive background with this archive and beyond and decided to release a double CD album with some classic examples of rare Dutch folk/folkpop/folkpsych albums. The folk scene in Holland, they say, always was smaller compared to Belgium, where there always were numerous folk bars, scenes and also festivals. But if you see the results of what they collected and from what I knew already I think Holland still stand out pretty well with their examples. 

01 - Jan Duindam - Happiness And Tears
02 - Fungus - Een Boer Ging Naar De Wei
03 - Irolt - It Gefang
04 - Mayfly - Symptoms Of Summer
05 - Sido Martens - De Hege Berg
06 - Anneke Konings - Sprookje
07 - Sundown - Bridges
08 - Dommelvolk - Van De Kop Van Jut
09 - Chimera - De Waardin
10 - Interlude - She Flies Away
11 - Wargaren - Er Zou Er Een Meisje Gaan Halen Wijn
12 - Deining - Soldaat
13 - Gerard Van Maasakkers - Cis Verdronk
14 - 1e Hollandse Dansband - Blauw Garen En Koperdraad
15 - Dageraad - Kom Hier Gij Pronkert Kijken
16 - Torf - Scheepsjoagers
17 - Whitsuntide Easter - Transitory
18 - Koeraash - Unne Gowwe Road
19 - Doede Veeman - De Twa Roeken
20 - Deirdre - 't Visserke
21 - Interweave - Dwelling

01 - Palace Flophouse - Bontebrug
02 - Cheops - Naamloze Goede
03 - Booze Hoister Band - I'd Rather Be A Dove
04 - Tail Toddle - Genoveva Van Brabant
05 - Sistrum - Luxe Kempen
06 - Ouwejan & Makkers - Come Live With Me
07 - Kings Galliard - De Boerenplof
08 - Herman Erbe - De Potsenmaker
09 - Cobi Schrijver - Vanwaar Komt Ons De Koele Wijn
10 - Jarje - Fugels
11 - Folkcorn - Jan Als Ruiter
12 - Amphora - Waiting
13 - Wolverlei - Een Ruiter Langs De Straat
14 - Fam. Van Der Meer - De Biezem En De Bjinder
15 - The Happiest Band That Ever Played - Bartholomeus
16 - Perelaar - Onze Fiere Pinksterbloem
17 - Roel Slofstra - Famke Ut Tuzen
18 - Cinderella - From Town To Town
19 - Bert Diederen - Di Roezikul By Ahxt
20 - Volluk - Vroeger Dagen Nu Of Nooit
21 - Sycamore - To The Virgins, To Make Much Of Time
22 - Crackerhash - Walkman

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Crackerhash - 1976 [Netherlands] - The Elfin Knight - Vinyl Rip @320

Once again, a very rare LP !
Audio samples

Entertaining Dutch bar-folk with a Scottish/UK influence (The Watersons), from 1968 to 2004.
Mostly the English influence worked quiet well in Holland and made brilliant examples that should also interest the UK scene.
They made 5 LPs.

Bert Aalbers (accordion, concertina, piano)
Paul Rullmann (guitar, mandolin)
Ineke Aalbers (bodhrán, 1968-82)
Jos Koning (violin, 1974-82),
Jan Haringhuizen (mandolin, 1974-78),
Peter van Rijsbergen (bass guitar, vocals, 1983-?)

A1. Good King Wenceslas (1:15)   
A2. The Quaker's Wife (medley) (5:27)   
A3. One Morning in the Spring (3:39)   
A4. Doodle Let Me Go (1:30)   
A5. Instrumental Medley 1 (5:51)   
A6. George Collins (2:23)   

B1. John the Bone - The Black Joke (1:54)   
B2. The Elfin Knight (2:30)   
B3. Instrumental Medley 2 (3:57)   
B4. Fair Annie (8:39)   
B5. The Huntsman Song (1:30)   
B6. Noble Squire Dacre (2:09)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Astrolabio - Spirit Folet [Italy 1978] @224

Vinyl Album (very rare!)

It's Piedmontese folk with evident celtic influences. It's very proficiently played and the instrumentation is rich (accordion, guitar, cello, mandolin, harp, bagpipes, bombard, different kind of flutes). A subtle veil of melancholy is the most peculiar trait of the nine tracks composing the album
(Il golpe e l'uva blog)

01 - Spirit folet/Pifferata palazzo di città/Conta (B.Costa/traditional/traditional)
02 - L'umbra gaia (T. Parisi)
03 - La bella all'armata (traditional)
04 - Al gril e la furmia (Maria Masoni-Astrolabio)
05 - La giostra di Martina (B. Costa)
06 - La prova (traditional)
07 - Mazurka e breton vals (traditional)
08 - La cirese e la funtan-a (Galli-Parisi-Brondetta)
09 - La mort (B. Costa)

Giuliana Galli: vocals, percussion
Lorenzo Brondetta: hornpipe, schalmein, flutes
Beppe Costa: hurdy-gurdy, harp, guitar
Tullio Parisi: accordion, mandolin, vocals
Marco Robino: cello
Beppe Turletti: accordion (track 5)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Les Ménestriers - Hélène Martin - 1971 - Hélène Martin chante Jean Giono (Vinyl Rip, @320)

By Request. Not available on CD.

Helen Martin, born in Paris in 1928, is a French singer, also a songwriter and performer.
She has dedicated her career to the musical setting and interpretation of poetry.

Les Ménestriers are on tracks :

A07 - Les Ménestriers - Lamento de Tristan
B01 - Les Ménestriers - Bonne amourette
B10 - Les Ménestriers - Dieu, comment pourrais-je?

The Settlers - 1964 [ENG] - Sing Out (Vinyl rip) @320

Not available on CD

Audio samples

I listen to this record regularly for 50 years now! I love it !

The Settlers were initially known as the Birmingham Folk Four, but became known as the Settlers after their first single, "Settle Down". A six-month residency on the BBC television series, Singalong, led to support bookings on tours with, among others, Dusty Springfield, Roy Orbison and The Small Faces. The Settlers have generally been referred to as a folk group. However, like the Seekers, the successful Australian group with which they shared marked similarities, some of their material gravitated towards mainstream pop, which, taking its cue from American singer-songwriters Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and such groups as Peter, Paul and Mary, We Five and The Byrds, readily absorbed folk influences in various ways in the mid-1960s. The Settlers’ melodic style was largely settled before the advent of British folk-rock in the guise of Fairport Convention and Pentangle later in the sixties.

Cindy Kent (vocals and tambourine)
Mike Jones (vocals and guitar)
John Fyffe (banjo)
Mansel Davies (Double bass)

A1     The Keeper
A2     Mingulay Boat Song
A3     Dirty Old Town
A4     Liverpool Lou
A5     Hunt The Wren
A6     Over The Stone
A7     The Green Man

B1     Three Jolly Rogues Of Lynn
B2     The Bonnie Shoals Of Herring
B3     Froggie's Wedding
B4     Coorie Doon
B5     Jute Mill Song
B6     Singing Bird
B7     The Golden Vanity

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fred Guichen - Le Voyage Astral (France / Bretagne 2013) @320

Somewhere at the end of the earth, where it all begins where everything stops, where the light of heaven is tied with that of the water in a crazy and sensational alliance ... and we knelt. This is where Fred Guichen chose to record his Astral Voyage, inspired by the magic of the place to reel off his chiseled notes like lace. He invites us into his world, the heart of its paid diatonic where the melodic power never ceases to lead us into this enjoyable whirlwind which he alone has the secret. The delicacy of the compositions of this talented artist, mixed with an insolent virtuosity even extends the possibilities of his inseparable companion and brace which he explored and exploited every corner. 
Astral Travel will not leave you indifferent.
(Translated by Google)

01. Océan (feat. Jean-Michel Veillon) 5:25     
02. Ascension (feat. Jacques Pellen, Sylvaine Guichen) 12:10     
03. Gordon Duncan (feat. Jacques Pellen) 2:39     
04. Ombre des brumes (feat. Jean-Michel Veillon) 5:28     
05. Lady Dance (feat. Jacques Pellen) 2:57     
06. Loc'h (feat. Jean-Michel Veillon) 6:50     
07. Des bulles (feat. Jacques Pellen) 6:59     
08. Valse à Johan (feat. Par Péron) 4:21     
09. Les couleurs de l'infini (feat. Dan Ar Braz) 4:27     
10. The Red Door (feat. Dan Ar Braz, Ronan Le Bars, Pat Péron, Sylvaine Guichen) 6:01     
11. Lumière 3:16

Fred GUICHEN: Compositeur, Accordéon diatonique
Jean-Michel VEILLON: Flûte traversière, Tin whistle
Jacques PELLEN: Guitare 12 cordes
Sylvaine GUICHEN: Violon, Arrangeur
Ronan LE BARS: Uilleann pipes
Patrick PÉRON: Orgue, Rhodes
Dan AR BRAZ: Guitare

Carré Manchot - 30 ans (France / Bretagne 2016) @320

01. Tour
02. Suite Plinn (Ton Simpl Plinn)
03. Suite Plinn (Bal Plinn)
04. Suite Plinn (Ton Doubl Plinn)
05. Valse
06. Heuliad Gavotenn (Ton Kentañ Gavotenn)
07. Heuliad Gavotenn (Tamm-Kreiz)
08. Heuliad Gavotenn (Ton Diwezhañ Gavotenn)
09. Marche
10. Suite Loudia (Rond)
11. Suite Loudia (Baleu)
12. Suite Loudia (Rond 2)
13. Suite Loudia (Riquegniée)
14. Gavotte Pourlet
15. Rond De Saint Vincent

Friday, September 9, 2016

Shirley Collins - The Power Of The True Love Knot - [1968 ENG 2000 Remaster] @320

The theme of this collection of songs is "the idea of true love as a power outside society's control", as Shirley writes on the liner notes. If the first track sounds slightly like "Eleanor Rigby", this is because Bram Taylor plays cello on both of them. Two other guests are Mike Heron and Robin Williamson from The Incredible String Band. The relationship bore fruit on Shirley's next album. Anthems in Eden (1969) contains "God Dog", a song written by Robin Williamson.

The title of this album comes from the song "Lady Margaret and Sweet William". On this song, Shirley accompanies herself on 5-string dulcimer, adapted to have a banjo neck, an instrument she only ever used on this album. Three of the songs on this collection had previously been recorded on False True Lovers (1960) - "Just as the Tide Was Flowing", "Richie Story" and "The Unquiet Grave". Dolly Collins puts her stamp on "Richie Story" in her pipe organ accompaniment, a stately march as the couple in the song progress through the street to church to marry.

In 1964, Shirley had recorded Folk Roots, New Routes, which introduced eastern rhythms to English folk song. On this album, there is a vaguely Indian flavour to "Seven Yellow Gipsies" with Robin Williamson's complicated clapping, and his chanter playing on the song "The Maydens Came".

01. "Bonnie Boy" (Trad)
02. "Richie Story" [Child 232] (Trad)
03. "Lovely Joan" (Trad)
04. "Just as the Tide Was Flowing" (Trad)
05. "The Unquiet Grave" [Child 78] (Trad)
06. "Black-eyed Susan" (Trad)
07. "Seven Yellow Gipsies" [Child 200] (Trad)
08. "Over the Hills and Far Away" (Trad)
09. "Greenwood Laddie" (Trad)
10. "Lady Margaret and Sweet William" [Child 74] (Trad)
11. "The Maydens Came" (Trad)
12. "Polly Vaughan" (Words: Trad/ Tune: S Collins)
13. "The Barley Straw" (Trad)
14. "Barbara Allen" [Child 84] (Trad)

Shirley Collins - vocal, 5-string dulcimer
Dolly Collins - pipe organ
Bram Taylor - cello on tracks 1 and 9
Mike Heron - finger cymbals, African drum, clapping
Robin Williamson - Japanese sticks, tin whistle, chanter from Indian Shahanhai, clapping

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gweltaz - 1973 [FRA] – Chants Celtiques @320 (Vinyl Rip)

Not available on CD. Very rare !

Audio Samples:

Gweltaz Ar Fur is a Breton singer-songwriter, born in Hennebont (near Lorient) on 25 April 1950. It is one of the important figures of the Breton music scene in the 1970s Singer committed in its infancy, it s rapidly investing in the renewal of the Breton culture through its actions in the production, distribution and the Diwan schools.

Gweltaz learned Breton and sings in English. It consists of new texts from Breton music by enrolling in contemporary reality. His texts raise social and political issues but also talk about the history and culture of Britain. It makes people dance in fest-noz and concert performer in classical traditional repertoire.

A1 An Drop Hep Penn Na Lost [Andro Sans Queue Ni Tête]
A2 Transocean Brest
A3 War Vordig An Alaj [Sur Le Bord Du Canal]
A4 Son Ar Pouldu [Ballade Du Pouldu]
A5 Merc'hed Gregam [Les Filles De Gregam]

B1 Ar Soudarded'zo Gwisket E Ruz [Les Soldats Sont Vêtus De Rouge]
B2 Pichon A Lovedan [Pichon De Lovedan]
B3 Gwerz Marv Pont Kalleg [Ballade De La Mort De Pont Kalleg]
B4  Sort Du Paysan

Bagpipes, Flute [Irish] – Patrig Mollard
Bass Guitar – Gilles Hinterseber
Engineer – Claude Martenot
Guitar – Joel Le Bosse
Guitar, Vocals – Gweltaz Ar Fur
Percussion – Per Al Liez
Violin, Mandolin, Spoons – Mikael Moazan

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Scarp - Scarp (England 1994) @VBR245

Scarp was formed by Paul James in 1991. The band played gigs and festivals around Europe until 1999.Paul James - saxophones; Patrick Bouffard - hurdy-gurdy; Luke Daniels - diatonic accordion; Harry Dawes - trombone; Jo Freya - saxophones, clarinet; Martin Hughes - drums; Kathryn Locke - 'cello; Victor Nicholls - bass guitar.
The album won a French World Music award and Paul James’s composition “Goatkiller” was voted one of the top twenty tracks of the 1990s by the audience of BBC Radio 3’s new music programme “Mixing It”.
Recorded at the Egg Room, Northampton 1994. Produced by Paul James. Mastering: Adam Skeaping.
1. Le Pont     3:48
2. Dobermann     5:50
3. Goatkiller     6:13
4. Abbotts     4:25
5. Bond In Cairo With Culleen     5:59
6. Meerkat And Desert Rat     3:30
7. Crows And Les Poules Huppees     3:43
8. Grin Me     2:43
9. Duet 1     0:41
10. Sansonette And Skin Job     4:03
11. Duet 2     2:40
12. Eight Years With Bunty And The Eagle     3:38

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mister Klof - Le Galant Indiscret (France 2016) @256

1.First words - Trip to sado (polkas)
2.Rattlesnake Bourrée - Popik (bourrées 2 temps)
3.Le Galant Indiscret - Sören's Waltz (valses)
4.Cape Breton Wedding Reel - Roaringwater Reel - Killarney Boys of Pleasure (reels)
5.La Chanson de Nyx - Mazurka du Ventre Rond (mazurkas)
6. New Pneus -Lunchtime Boredom (scottishes)
7.The Buckfast 5 (valse à 5 temps)
8.Réveillez-vous Belle Endormie
9.Bourrée de l'Exutoire - Bourrée de la Saint Matthieu (bourrées 3 temps)
10.Hanter dro
11.Sleeping Tortoise - The Orphan - Deule Douce (cercle circassien)

Musiciens :
Julien Cartonnet : cornemuse 16 pouces et 26 pouces, banjo
Sylvain Quéré : guitare
Tiennet Simonnin: accordéon chromatique
Sylvain Vuidart: flûtes traversières en Do et en Sol

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