Thursday, September 22, 2016

Carl Erik Lundgaard Jensen - Yderland (Denmark 2008) @320

Carl Erik Lundgaard, together with Poul Lendal and Keld Nørgaard in the orchestra Lang Linken game traditional balmusik for nearly 40 years. Carl Erik Lundgaard with Lang Linken as such is one of the most cherished institutions and orchestras in the living Danish folk music tradition.
Carl Erik Lundgaard has with CD Outer Land decided to focus solely on the music, own compositions and arrangements. He romped with new combinations of instruments and play comrades from other music genres. His traditional way of playing and measures are still intact.

1. Jens Mynsters Chance (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
2. Fridafred (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
3. Solpols (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
4. Polonaise/Svøpsk (trad/arr. Mads Riishede/Carl Erik Lundgaard)
5. Halsscottish (Hal Parfitt-Murray/Carl Erik Lundgaard)
6. Macværk (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
7. Peter van Maarens Scottish (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
8. Kældermusik part 1 (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
9. Kældermusik part 2 (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
10. Valsen til Sofie (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
11. Mørkviolet (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
12. Første Brudestykke (trad/arr. Mads Riishede/Carl Erik Lundgaard)
13. Kirstens (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
14. Valsen til Christine (Carl Erik Lundgaard)
Carl Erik Lundgaard: Diatonisk harmonika (Diatonic accordion)Kromatisk harmonika (Chromatic accordion)
Mads Riishede: Bas (Bass)Akustisk & elguitar (Acoustic and electric guitars), Shaker, Tambourin (Tambourine)
Søren Bebe: Würlitzer
Christian Frank: Elguitar (Electric guitar)
Palle Hjort: Hammondorgel (Hammond Organ), Trædeorgel (Harmonium) Mellotron (Mellotron)
Klaver (Piano)
Kristian Karottki:Trommer (Drums),Tambourin (Tambourine,) Shaker (Shaker)
Hal Parfitt-Murray: Violin (Violin), Bratsch (Viola)
Jacob Frandsen: Spansk guitar (Nylon stringed guitar,)Akustisk guitar (Acoustic guitar)
Keld Nørgaard: Humle (Dulcimer) & saz
Mikkel Rørbæk: Elguitar (Electric guitar), Hawaiiguitar (Hawaiian guitar),Akustisk guitar (Acoustic guitar)
Christoffer S. Møller: Würlitzer
Harald Haugaard: Violin


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