Thursday, September 15, 2016

Crackerhash - 1976 [Netherlands] - The Elfin Knight - Vinyl Rip @320

Once again, a very rare LP !
Audio samples

Entertaining Dutch bar-folk with a Scottish/UK influence (The Watersons), from 1968 to 2004.
Mostly the English influence worked quiet well in Holland and made brilliant examples that should also interest the UK scene.
They made 5 LPs.

Bert Aalbers (accordion, concertina, piano)
Paul Rullmann (guitar, mandolin)
Ineke Aalbers (bodhrán, 1968-82)
Jos Koning (violin, 1974-82),
Jan Haringhuizen (mandolin, 1974-78),
Peter van Rijsbergen (bass guitar, vocals, 1983-?)

A1. Good King Wenceslas (1:15)   
A2. The Quaker's Wife (medley) (5:27)   
A3. One Morning in the Spring (3:39)   
A4. Doodle Let Me Go (1:30)   
A5. Instrumental Medley 1 (5:51)   
A6. George Collins (2:23)   

B1. John the Bone - The Black Joke (1:54)   
B2. The Elfin Knight (2:30)   
B3. Instrumental Medley 2 (3:57)   
B4. Fair Annie (8:39)   
B5. The Huntsman Song (1:30)   
B6. Noble Squire Dacre (2:09)


Left Blank said...

The Elfin Knight


Anonymous said...

Nice Left Blank!
I know Crackerhash but not this one.

Skylamb said...

A HUGE upgrade for me. Thanks LeftBlank :)

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