Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fred Guichen - Le Voyage Astral (France / Bretagne 2013) @320

Somewhere at the end of the earth, where it all begins where everything stops, where the light of heaven is tied with that of the water in a crazy and sensational alliance ... and we knelt. This is where Fred Guichen chose to record his Astral Voyage, inspired by the magic of the place to reel off his chiseled notes like lace. He invites us into his world, the heart of its paid diatonic where the melodic power never ceases to lead us into this enjoyable whirlwind which he alone has the secret. The delicacy of the compositions of this talented artist, mixed with an insolent virtuosity even extends the possibilities of his inseparable companion and brace which he explored and exploited every corner. 
Astral Travel will not leave you indifferent.
(Translated by Google)

01. Océan (feat. Jean-Michel Veillon) 5:25     
02. Ascension (feat. Jacques Pellen, Sylvaine Guichen) 12:10     
03. Gordon Duncan (feat. Jacques Pellen) 2:39     
04. Ombre des brumes (feat. Jean-Michel Veillon) 5:28     
05. Lady Dance (feat. Jacques Pellen) 2:57     
06. Loc'h (feat. Jean-Michel Veillon) 6:50     
07. Des bulles (feat. Jacques Pellen) 6:59     
08. Valse à Johan (feat. Par Péron) 4:21     
09. Les couleurs de l'infini (feat. Dan Ar Braz) 4:27     
10. The Red Door (feat. Dan Ar Braz, Ronan Le Bars, Pat Péron, Sylvaine Guichen) 6:01     
11. Lumière 3:16

Fred GUICHEN: Compositeur, Accordéon diatonique
Jean-Michel VEILLON: Flûte traversière, Tin whistle
Jacques PELLEN: Guitare 12 cordes
Sylvaine GUICHEN: Violon, Arrangeur
Ronan LE BARS: Uilleann pipes
Patrick PÉRON: Orgue, Rhodes
Dan AR BRAZ: Guitare


Yojik said...

Le Voyage Astral

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you a lot, friend!
One of my favorite musicians!

Yojik said...

You`re welcome, CK!

Anonymous said...

I Love this music and this musician!
Thank you, Yojik.

Yojik said...

Not at all, Cino. Enjoy!

surcouf said...

Breizh always rocks ! Tnx-a-lot

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