Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gweltaz - 1973 [FRA] – Chants Celtiques @320 (Vinyl Rip)

Not available on CD. Very rare !

Audio Samples:

Gweltaz Ar Fur is a Breton singer-songwriter, born in Hennebont (near Lorient) on 25 April 1950. It is one of the important figures of the Breton music scene in the 1970s Singer committed in its infancy, it s rapidly investing in the renewal of the Breton culture through its actions in the production, distribution and the Diwan schools.

Gweltaz learned Breton and sings in English. It consists of new texts from Breton music by enrolling in contemporary reality. His texts raise social and political issues but also talk about the history and culture of Britain. It makes people dance in fest-noz and concert performer in classical traditional repertoire.

A1 An Drop Hep Penn Na Lost [Andro Sans Queue Ni Tête]
A2 Transocean Brest
A3 War Vordig An Alaj [Sur Le Bord Du Canal]
A4 Son Ar Pouldu [Ballade Du Pouldu]
A5 Merc'hed Gregam [Les Filles De Gregam]

B1 Ar Soudarded'zo Gwisket E Ruz [Les Soldats Sont Vêtus De Rouge]
B2 Pichon A Lovedan [Pichon De Lovedan]
B3 Gwerz Marv Pont Kalleg [Ballade De La Mort De Pont Kalleg]
B4  Sort Du Paysan

Bagpipes, Flute [Irish] – Patrig Mollard
Bass Guitar – Gilles Hinterseber
Engineer – Claude Martenot
Guitar – Joel Le Bosse
Guitar, Vocals – Gweltaz Ar Fur
Percussion – Per Al Liez
Violin, Mandolin, Spoons – Mikael Moazan


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jp said...

Merci braz.

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oiche said...

Stunning blog! Many thanks for your amazing collection of folk albums from all over Europe. A treasure and labour of love.

Jeimen said...

Gracias por compartir.
Un saludo.

Anonymous said...

Hi LeftBlank.
You seem to know a lot about french 'folk'. So a question. Do you know if 'The French folk magic time guide' is still available as book or ebook? I really would like to read this.

Left Blank said...

Jan, you can try to write to them:

Left Blank said...

Jan, a lot of informations about french folk albums here:

Anonymous said...

Hello LeftBlank.
I mailed and I looked at the website. Is a very interesting website and fortunately: my french is good enough to understand most of it!
So, thank you very much!

Left Blank said...

you're welcome :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Left Blank.
I just order the book through the emailaddress you gave me.

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