Sunday, September 4, 2016

Scarp - Scarp (England 1994) @VBR245

Scarp was formed by Paul James in 1991. The band played gigs and festivals around Europe until 1999.Paul James - saxophones; Patrick Bouffard - hurdy-gurdy; Luke Daniels - diatonic accordion; Harry Dawes - trombone; Jo Freya - saxophones, clarinet; Martin Hughes - drums; Kathryn Locke - 'cello; Victor Nicholls - bass guitar.
The album won a French World Music award and Paul James’s composition “Goatkiller” was voted one of the top twenty tracks of the 1990s by the audience of BBC Radio 3’s new music programme “Mixing It”.
Recorded at the Egg Room, Northampton 1994. Produced by Paul James. Mastering: Adam Skeaping.
1. Le Pont     3:48
2. Dobermann     5:50
3. Goatkiller     6:13
4. Abbotts     4:25
5. Bond In Cairo With Culleen     5:59
6. Meerkat And Desert Rat     3:30
7. Crows And Les Poules Huppees     3:43
8. Grin Me     2:43
9. Duet 1     0:41
10. Sansonette And Skin Job     4:03
11. Duet 2     2:40
12. Eight Years With Bunty And The Eagle     3:38


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Folkyourself is the best "webfolk" community.

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