Sunday, September 18, 2016

SonDeSeu - Trastempo (Galicia 2007) [256m4a]

SonDeSeu is the first orchestra of folk music and traditional of Galicia , regarded as one of the first orchestras folk of Europe [1] , which consists of 53 members and directed by Rodrigo Romania . It is also one of the first European orchestras contemporary folk music. Its repertoire consists of topics from the oral tradition of popular music of Galicia, especially arranged for training for their components and responsible for different sections, covering bagpipes , percussion , hurdy , violins , exquisitely and flutes of wood, singing , harps and plucked strings.

1.    Alén    3:38
2.    A Camposa    4:45
3.    Vals De Arousa    3:19
4.    Foliada De Nostián    4:21
5.    De Mostao A Millares    2:29
6.    Costureiriña    5:19
7.    Nun Cacho Dun Anaco    2:47
8.    Namoreir@    5:07
9.    O Paraiso    4:41
10.    Nena Morena    3:38
11.    Ramanalama    2:46
12.    O Cantar Que Nunca Acaba    11:10


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