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Tarentule - 1977 [FRA] - Tarentule @320

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This is a masterpiece !
A folk quartet formed in 74, Tarentule exploited the trad pre-classical folk vein in a stricter observance of the traditions than Malicorne ever did, although some of their instruments are a little unusual for that type of music (cornet). The group toured the folk scene before recording their sole self-titled album in April 77, the album being released later that year, but it will not change the group's popularity and actually divide it into a folk-ball unit, much to the displeasure of Bernard Lasbleiz. The group will part (end of 78) into two different groups, Lasbleiz founding Ti Jaz in Paris, while the other three will develop Eastern European folk music in Taraf.

1. Branles - Dits d'Écosse / Le Déserteur du régiment d'Auvergne / Air d'après Gaillarde d'Hassler
2. Adieu ma si charmante blonde / Trist' Annada / Marche de Goliath et sa femme
3. Les Galios / Seigneurs, sachez qui or s'en ira
4. L'Oiseau de la Meunière / Avant-deux
5. Au saint Nau / Noël anglais
6. Trimousette

Jean-Patrick Hélard : violon, guitare, psaltérion, percussions
José Ponzone : chant, mandoloncelle, cornet à pistons, courtaud, flûte à bec, vielle à roue, violoncelle, percussions
Bernard Lasbleiz : chant, accordéon, concertina, percussions
Alain Rolland : chant, mandole, violon, psaltérion, dulcimer, violoncelle, guitare portugaise, percussions


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Great! Many thanks!

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Hello Left Blank.
The 'French folk magic time guide' arrived last week. With the help of among others Discogs, the french section of 'The scented gardens of the mind', the blog Ezhevika fields and other blogs I found some new beautiful music, like Avaric, Didier Bonin and Veronique Chalot. I didn't know there was so much diverse folkrelated music in France. Excellent!

Jon said...

To Anonymous of October 10th, I agree wholeheartedly on Veronique Chalot. I discovered her years ago on Lizardson's now defunct Time Has Told Me blog. What an absolute national treasure.

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