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Various Artists - Dutch Rare Folk - 43 Lost Classics From the Golden Age of Nederfolk 1967-1987 (Netherlands 2007) @320

This compilation is assembled by Fonos who have one of the first official CDR library copy services with a lot of rare Dutch records. They have developped a huge library and extensive background with this archive and beyond and decided to release a double CD album with some classic examples of rare Dutch folk/folkpop/folkpsych albums. The folk scene in Holland, they say, always was smaller compared to Belgium, where there always were numerous folk bars, scenes and also festivals. But if you see the results of what they collected and from what I knew already I think Holland still stand out pretty well with their examples. 

01 - Jan Duindam - Happiness And Tears
02 - Fungus - Een Boer Ging Naar De Wei
03 - Irolt - It Gefang
04 - Mayfly - Symptoms Of Summer
05 - Sido Martens - De Hege Berg
06 - Anneke Konings - Sprookje
07 - Sundown - Bridges
08 - Dommelvolk - Van De Kop Van Jut
09 - Chimera - De Waardin
10 - Interlude - She Flies Away
11 - Wargaren - Er Zou Er Een Meisje Gaan Halen Wijn
12 - Deining - Soldaat
13 - Gerard Van Maasakkers - Cis Verdronk
14 - 1e Hollandse Dansband - Blauw Garen En Koperdraad
15 - Dageraad - Kom Hier Gij Pronkert Kijken
16 - Torf - Scheepsjoagers
17 - Whitsuntide Easter - Transitory
18 - Koeraash - Unne Gowwe Road
19 - Doede Veeman - De Twa Roeken
20 - Deirdre - 't Visserke
21 - Interweave - Dwelling

01 - Palace Flophouse - Bontebrug
02 - Cheops - Naamloze Goede
03 - Booze Hoister Band - I'd Rather Be A Dove
04 - Tail Toddle - Genoveva Van Brabant
05 - Sistrum - Luxe Kempen
06 - Ouwejan & Makkers - Come Live With Me
07 - Kings Galliard - De Boerenplof
08 - Herman Erbe - De Potsenmaker
09 - Cobi Schrijver - Vanwaar Komt Ons De Koele Wijn
10 - Jarje - Fugels
11 - Folkcorn - Jan Als Ruiter
12 - Amphora - Waiting
13 - Wolverlei - Een Ruiter Langs De Straat
14 - Fam. Van Der Meer - De Biezem En De Bjinder
15 - The Happiest Band That Ever Played - Bartholomeus
16 - Perelaar - Onze Fiere Pinksterbloem
17 - Roel Slofstra - Famke Ut Tuzen
18 - Cinderella - From Town To Town
19 - Bert Diederen - Di Roezikul By Ahxt
20 - Volluk - Vroeger Dagen Nu Of Nooit
21 - Sycamore - To The Virgins, To Make Much Of Time
22 - Crackerhash - Walkman


CrimsonKing said...

Dutch Rare Folk

Anonymous said...

Hi CrimsonKing.

This is a very interesting compilation! I have some, I know a lot of them and there are also some completely new to me. Koeraash, Jarje, Folkcorn. So thank!

In the Netherlands some good folk was made, but it was not on the foreground. The dutch have less a folktradition than the belgians, but it was there! Nederbeat and later Dutch prog and Sympho was more in the picture. And a lot of dutch were/are not proud of folkmusic or do even know it exists! But groups as Chimera, Fungus (which is the only one well known with some hitsingles: Mannen met baarden = men with beards), Crackerhash and Sido Martens were excellent.

There was also some very good 'psych'folk by among others Elly Nieman and Rikkert Zuiderveld with titles as Parzival, de draad van Ariadne(Ariadne'd thread)and Maarten en het witte paard(Maarten and the white horse) before they became extreme christians in stead of extreme hippies to the consternation of their friends and fans in 1971! Elly Nieman also sang on the single Prikkebeen by Boudewijn de Groot, who was and is a phenomenon in the Netherlands with few excellent albums.

So I am going to listen to this with much pleasure and of course... I can understand (much of) what they are singing about. ;-)


CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Jan for your explanation.
There is a Folkcorn album in FY posted by Skylamb. Take a look.

Anonymous said...

Hi CrimsonKing.
You're welcome.
I looked at the Folkcorn and am surely going to listen to it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi CrimsonKing.
I just looked at your folkcollection. Very nice collection!
Is it possible to post:
Dulcimer - Room for thought.
Bert Jansch - Moonshine.
Mari Boine - Balvvoslatjna.
Would appreciate that.

Skylamb said...

Hi Jan. I know all the groups you mention except the psych folk. They are definitely important (and GOOD) !

Jim said...


This a a nice album but when you upload it at Mega.NZ I only can read it but never download because of error.

Greeting Jim.

Joseph Healy said...

Hi Jim, do you use a download accelerator such as IDA? Try removing it.

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