Sunday, October 30, 2016

Monseigneur - 1979 - Monseigneur @VBR (Vinyl Rip)

Vinyl Rip, never released on CD

Monseigneur was a folk group of the Swiss Alps.
In 1979, they released their self-titled album of cover songs and traditional Celtic melodies and original compositions of the band.


1. Tom Billy's jig - Bill hearts (trad )
2. Les filles
3. Green leaves - Morning on a distant shore (trad )
4. Tru hags purse - Morrison's jig  (trad )
5. My poor shoes - Hanter dro (trad )


1. Blues Breton - Gwerz penmarc'h
2. Complainte du triste monde' (trad )
3. La danse des gnomes

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kepa Junkera & Sorginak - Maletak (2016) [Ireland @ MP3 VBR V0 276

Leading Basque diatonic button accordion (trikiti/eskusoinua) player Kepa Junkera once again is joined by women vocal group Sorginak and instrumentalists from Galicia, Aragon, Catalonia, and Castilla y Leon in a joyful folk music-inspired album.

Animals is the theme of one track, and the cover has the musicians Photoshopped with critter heads. The other theme is traveling, and baggage are found everywhere in the album; maletak is Basque for suitcases. The grandly recorded music has additional instruments of large and small tambourine panderos, zambomba stick-membrane pulled drum, bass drums, triangle, alboka double clarinet, French horn, guitars, harmonica, violin, wooden xylophone-like percussion, jaw harp, metallic toberak bar percussion, cascabeles jingle shakers, and other percussion. The strong bass drum and rhythmic percussion produce a tribal trance dance aspect to the album, but the essence of this music is excitement, happiness, and cheer. The sweet sound of the trikiti is as unique and functional in feeling as the Argentinian bandonéon. After 17 tracks over 74 minutes, expect smiles.

1.    Ama    4:58
2.    Drakian    4:59
3.    Arrano fandangoa    3:53
4.    Marea Zumaian    3:33
5.    Mikeldi    4:43
6.    Errauts bihotza    4:12
7.    Errekarriak    4:37
8.    Amilotxa    3:30
9.    Trikua    3:10
10.    Txipiritona    4:19
11.    Sukarrieta    3:03
12.    Animalizkoak    3:54
13.    Garnika    3:14
14.    Sandinderi    4:13
15.    Pottokak    5:53
16.    Mallokuko sua    5:16
17.    Maletak    6:53

Friday, October 28, 2016

Beoga - Live At the 10th Anniversary concert (2013) [Ireland @256m4a]

Beoga are an Irish folk music group. They were formed in County Kerry in 2002 at the All-Ireland Fleadh although the original four members of the band hail from County Antrim and County Londonderry in Northern Ireland. The line-up features Damian McKee on accordion, multi-instrumentalist Seán Óg Graham, pianist Liam Bradley and Eamon Murray on bodhrán and Niamh Dunne, from County Limerick, joined in 2005, on vocals and fiddle

Beoga (gaelic for ‘lively’) are based in County Antrim, in the north of Ireland. The bedrock of their sound lies firmly within the Irish tradition. However, they are not afraid to incorporate other genres’ nuances into their music. From bluesy riffs to Astor Piazzola-style jazz, to a raunchy New Orleans jamboree vibe, their music always returns to a wonderfully bouncy Irish sound. The result is traditional, with a huge sense of fun and adventure and it all works - wonderfully well.  The Wall Street Journal describes them as “the most exciting new traditional band to emerge from Ireland this century.” Irish Music Magazine writes, “Beoga are at the forefront of the new Irish wave.”

The band was drawn together in 2002 after ‘jamming’ in a ferocious session at the All-Ireland Fleadh. Their unique sound featured the twin dueling accordions of Damian McKee and multi-instrumentalist Seán Óg Graham, pianist Liam Bradley and four times All-Ireland bodhrán champion Eamon Murray. In 2005, the lineup was complete, with the addition of Niamh Dunne, one of Ireland’s premier young talents, on vocals and fiddle.

1.    B\C Set    3:31
2.    Woman Of No Place    3:22
3.    Mischief    3:33
4.    Soggy's    5:24
5.    Dolan's 6am    3:44
6.    Our Captain Calls All Hands    4:04
7.    Prelude Polkas    4:59
8.    Flyfishing    3:54
9.    Factory Girl    3:20
10.    Kick 'n The Box    3:10
11.    Antics    3:42
12.    Home Cookin'    3:10
13.    Bellvue Waltz    4:03
14.    Exploding Bow    4:30
15.    Boxy Set    3:36
16.    Ballymacaldrick    3:41
17.    Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone    2:36
18.    Bodhrán Solo    5:08
19.    A Lovely Madness    4:44
20.    Cuchullain's Despair    5:16

Baltic Crossing - Baltic Crossing (2008) [Nordic @320]

Kristian Bugge, Ian Stephenson, Andy May, Antti Järvelä, Esko Järvelä

Baltic Crossing use their strong affinity for old dance music and respect for each others traditions to bring a new youthful energy to the folk music of Europe.
Wherever they meet, at least one must cross the Baltic Sea.
With award-winning members hailing from the UK, Finland and Denmark, Baltic Crossing bring you fiery Scandinavian fiddles, bubbling Northumbrian pipes and a driving guitar and double bass rhythm section.

Danish Kristian Bugge (fiddle) and Englishman Ian Stephenson (guitar, melodeon) met at a Finish festival in 2002. They employed Antti Järvelä (double bass, mandolin, banjo, guitar), Esko Järvelä (fiddle) and furthermore Andy May (Northumbrian & uilleann pipes) to make ready for a Baltic Crossing. The band's name is exactly the best description for their music. They play Nordic music such as the slängpolska, polska and schottish, plus the odd English hornpipe. Sometimes not one after another, but at the very same time. For example, the band members couldn't agree if Andy May's original "Vänkärin Polska" (Shotgun Polska) is a Northumbrian hornpipe 3/2 time or a polska. It got a Finnish tune title anyway. Another Finnish quadrille was titled "Space Cowboys," because they felt that the chords just sounded like Steven Miller's classic pop song "The Joker". The band's crossing over the Baltic Sea is one that is quite turbulent at times, but it is a pleasant journey anyway.

1.    Sextour    4:17
2.    Vankarin Set    3:56
3.    Original Polka Set    3:05
4.    Den Strejkende General / The Striking General    3:17
5.    Ostindiens Velkomst    3:31
6.    Sir John Fenwick's    4:53
7.    Korv och Mos    2:04
8.    Space Cowboys    4:58
9.    Mofodragon Set    3:30
10.    Schottis Set    4:37
11.    Grønne Aal / Green Eel    1:56

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Estremìa - That's folk, baby! (2015 Italy) @320

Estremìa, a term which in patois indicates the bell that sounds the alarm in an emergency, is the name of the duo formed by Vincent Boniface (Accordion) and Marta Caldara (Piano) with the incursion of Bramo (Beatbox).
Estrémia remind us of the emergence in music culture, showing the emerging of this new style of Folk, certainly danceable but also in search for new combinations of sounds: a piano that complements the "good old" accordion , and the contemporaneity of Beatboxing with Bramo. 

1. Finisterrae          4:04
2. Les Doigts de Carmen / Vache Folle     4:11
3. Slogan     4:39
4. Mensonge pour Danser     3:36
5. One Pound Less / Kamala     5:10
6. Aladin's Doubt     2:52
7. Boing     4:54
8. Juskaskeu     2:53
9. Polemique     3:10
10. Mazurbloise / L'impasse / Motorway Mazurka     4:38
Vincent Boniface (Accordion)
Marta Caldara (Piano) 
Bramo (Beatbox)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Albion Dance Band - 1983 - Shuffle Off (Vinyl Rip @320)

Never released on CD

A straight(ish) instrumental album with a fairly classic ADB line-up.

This album was never released on CD into this form, but most of the titles can be found on
"The Albion Dance Band - 2007 - Dancing Days are Here Again (2CD)"

Ashley Hutchings - bass
Dave Mattacks - drums, keyboards
Simon Nicol - guitars
Jean-Pierre Rasle - bagpipes and other blowy things
Dave Whetstone - melodeon, concertina, guitars, electric dulcimer, triangle.

Side 1:
1. Froggy's First Jump/Beetle On The Wine
2. Snowdrop Polka
3. Gervaise Brawl
4. Jenny In Her Shift/Tom Jones
5. Hi! Tequila Tango/High Tea Tango
6. The Fretful Porcupine

Side 2:
1. Wiggle, Wriggle/Roll Me Over
2. October 4th
3. Seaside Shuffle
4. The View
5. The Chaplet/Bantering Billy
6. Elderwaters
7. Black Almain/Halek Brawl

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Imosima - Imosima (France 2011) @320

The Imosima trio puts his sense of swing, and sensitivity to the service of Breton music, Irish and Quebec for 10 years. Audrey Le Jossec is one of the most famous accordionists of his generation. Her flawless technique and knowledge of Quebecers style we make a reference in the matter his later years.
(google-translate from french, sorry)

01. An dro  3:47   
02. Jigs to the Messenger  4:06   
03. Valse des jouets  3:01   
04. Réels à Jules Verret  2:13   
05. Sono cosi  2:44   
06. Empilé menu  3:10   
07. Trip to Green Land  5:12   
08. Mazurkas  3:27   
09. Ridées  3:31   
10. Polkas  3:37   
11. Auchdon House  2:02   
12. Valse Cunningham  2:41

Audrey Le Jossec : Accordéon diatonique
Erwan Bérenguer : Guitare acoustique
Yann Le Bozec : Contrebasse

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dulcimer - Into the Light (1997 England) @192

01. Blessing (3:27)
02. Robbie (6:03)
03. Untimely Mother (3:30)
04. Confession (Do It Again) (4:05)
05. Christmas Song (4:14)
06. Dreams of Art Nouveau (5:58)
07. Ship of Fools (3:29)
08. See If You Can Find Me (3:56)
09. Footnote (1:30)
10. Dance of the Chinese Horsemen (2:01)
11. Bridge of Seven Wonders (4:37)
12. Statues (2:47)

Dave Eaves / acoustic guitars, woodwinds, vocals 
Pete Hodge / acoustic guitars, mandolin, dulcimer, vocals 
Jem North / bass, assorted percussion 
Richard Todd / voice

Friday, October 7, 2016

Bratsch - 1978 [France] - J'aime un voyou, maman (Vinyl Rip, @320)

Not available on CD
Audio samples

Bratsch are a French-based music ensemble using influences from Roma (i.e. "Gypsy") music, klezmer, jazz and many diverse folk traditions. The group was formed in 1975 by guitarist Dan Gharibian and violinist Bruno Girard, and has released more than ten albums to date. The group is renowned for the diversity of its musical influences and for the virtuosity of its members and guest artists.


    Dan Gharibian: guitar, bouzouki, vocals
    Bruno Girard: violin, vocals
    Théo Girard: double bass
    Nano Peylet: clarinet
    François Castiello: accordion, vocals


   01  Joulik
   02  Tino Mori et Sva le Nado
   03  Grouchitsa
   04  Cintec de Pahar
   05  Thalassa
   06  Ci Lune da
   07  Gari Gari
   08  Sus din fer Cade o Spea et Sirba de la Izvoare
   09  Guitara Semistrounnaia
   10  Kokaz!
   11  Klof! ''Etienne Sur La Plage''

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dulcimer - Room For Thought (1971 England) @320

DULCIMER were a longstanding collective consisting of three musicians, all multi-instrumentalists: Dave Eaves, Pete Hodges and Jem North. The band's origins are sketchy, but they recorded their debut 'And I Turned As I Had Turned As a Boy' as a trio under the direction of Troggs manager Larry Page in 1970. The album made little impression at the time but is widely sought-after by serious UK folk music collectors today. The album has been reissued several times on both vinyl and CD.

The band recorded twice more in the early seventies before fading into obscurity, but neither 'Room for Thought' or 'A Land Fit for Heroes' (with rural English author Fred Archer) would find their way into official release until years later.

DULCIMER had a resurgence of sorts in the nineties thanks to the small President Records label, who released a trio of the band's albums as well as the shelved 'Room for Thought' project on CD ('A Land Fit for Heroes' had been issued thanks to the band's own financing in 1980).

Their music has been described as folk-rock and is mostly acoustic, but the band's penchant for odd themes, creative arrangements and occasional progressive forays merits them inclusion here in the Archives. DULCIMER will appeal to fans of understated, acoustic-driven music with classic folk instrumentation such as mandolins, acoustic guitars, flutes and of course dulcimers.
>> Bio by Bob Moore (aka ClemofNazareth) <<

01 - To Need Her
02 - Statues In Maryland
03 - Mr. Rip Van Winkle
04 - The Planters Cottage
05 - Running On Down The Road
06 - Empty Hallways
07 - Grey Lady Morning
08 - Missing The Head
09 - Mr. Time
10 - Sandalwood Sailors
11 - Scarlet Lady
12 - But Maybe Not

Dave Eaves / acoustic guitars, woodwinds, vocals 
Pete Hodge / acoustic guitars, mandolin, dulcimer, vocals 
Jem North / bass, assorted percussion

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