Friday, October 28, 2016

Baltic Crossing - Baltic Crossing (2008) [Nordic @320]

Kristian Bugge, Ian Stephenson, Andy May, Antti Järvelä, Esko Järvelä

Baltic Crossing use their strong affinity for old dance music and respect for each others traditions to bring a new youthful energy to the folk music of Europe.
Wherever they meet, at least one must cross the Baltic Sea.
With award-winning members hailing from the UK, Finland and Denmark, Baltic Crossing bring you fiery Scandinavian fiddles, bubbling Northumbrian pipes and a driving guitar and double bass rhythm section.

Danish Kristian Bugge (fiddle) and Englishman Ian Stephenson (guitar, melodeon) met at a Finish festival in 2002. They employed Antti Järvelä (double bass, mandolin, banjo, guitar), Esko Järvelä (fiddle) and furthermore Andy May (Northumbrian & uilleann pipes) to make ready for a Baltic Crossing. The band's name is exactly the best description for their music. They play Nordic music such as the slängpolska, polska and schottish, plus the odd English hornpipe. Sometimes not one after another, but at the very same time. For example, the band members couldn't agree if Andy May's original "Vänkärin Polska" (Shotgun Polska) is a Northumbrian hornpipe 3/2 time or a polska. It got a Finnish tune title anyway. Another Finnish quadrille was titled "Space Cowboys," because they felt that the chords just sounded like Steven Miller's classic pop song "The Joker". The band's crossing over the Baltic Sea is one that is quite turbulent at times, but it is a pleasant journey anyway.

1.    Sextour    4:17
2.    Vankarin Set    3:56
3.    Original Polka Set    3:05
4.    Den Strejkende General / The Striking General    3:17
5.    Ostindiens Velkomst    3:31
6.    Sir John Fenwick's    4:53
7.    Korv och Mos    2:04
8.    Space Cowboys    4:58
9.    Mofodragon Set    3:30
10.    Schottis Set    4:37
11.    Grønne Aal / Green Eel    1:56


Owen Tuckett said...

I think this is a link to the previous album

Anonymous said...

Error de enlace, no correspone al anunciado

Anonymous said...

same as Beoga - Live At the 10th Anniversary concert (2013) link
fix please? thanks.

abeshi said...

linkmiss fix please

Anonymous said...

Hi Skylamb, thanks for the posting, however the link to Baltic Crossing results in the download of the Beoga live album!

Donna Rose said...

Thank you for all the work you do. However the link for Baltic Crossing appears to be incorrect as it is the file for Beoga.

Anonymous said...

Probably the link is wrong, it leads to the last Beoga CD! :)

Skylamb said...

I'll fix it now! Sorry about that! This is a wonderful album!

Baltic Crossing
pw: folkyourself

Jim said...

This uploader always give problems, a pitty for your work.

CrimsonKing said...

Don't be mannerless, Jim.
Skylamb is an invaluable contributor of FY. Mistakes all of us do always.
Or are you a perfect person?

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