Friday, October 7, 2016

Bratsch - 1978 [France] - J'aime un voyou, maman (Vinyl Rip, @320)

Not available on CD
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Bratsch are a French-based music ensemble using influences from Roma (i.e. "Gypsy") music, klezmer, jazz and many diverse folk traditions. The group was formed in 1975 by guitarist Dan Gharibian and violinist Bruno Girard, and has released more than ten albums to date. The group is renowned for the diversity of its musical influences and for the virtuosity of its members and guest artists.


    Dan Gharibian: guitar, bouzouki, vocals
    Bruno Girard: violin, vocals
    Théo Girard: double bass
    Nano Peylet: clarinet
    François Castiello: accordion, vocals


   01  Joulik
   02  Tino Mori et Sva le Nado
   03  Grouchitsa
   04  Cintec de Pahar
   05  Thalassa
   06  Ci Lune da
   07  Gari Gari
   08  Sus din fer Cade o Spea et Sirba de la Izvoare
   09  Guitara Semistrounnaia
   10  Kokaz!
   11  Klof! ''Etienne Sur La Plage''


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Hello Left Blank.
Didier Fasseur, from whom I bought the Magic time guide asked me if I know who makes the 'Le folk francais n'existe pas' website. Do you happen to know?
And, another request: Rene Werneer - Habit de plume.

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