Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kepa Junkera & Sorginak - Maletak (2016) [Ireland @ MP3 VBR V0 276

Leading Basque diatonic button accordion (trikiti/eskusoinua) player Kepa Junkera once again is joined by women vocal group Sorginak and instrumentalists from Galicia, Aragon, Catalonia, and Castilla y Leon in a joyful folk music-inspired album.

Animals is the theme of one track, and the cover has the musicians Photoshopped with critter heads. The other theme is traveling, and baggage are found everywhere in the album; maletak is Basque for suitcases. The grandly recorded music has additional instruments of large and small tambourine panderos, zambomba stick-membrane pulled drum, bass drums, triangle, alboka double clarinet, French horn, guitars, harmonica, violin, wooden xylophone-like percussion, jaw harp, metallic toberak bar percussion, cascabeles jingle shakers, and other percussion. The strong bass drum and rhythmic percussion produce a tribal trance dance aspect to the album, but the essence of this music is excitement, happiness, and cheer. The sweet sound of the trikiti is as unique and functional in feeling as the Argentinian bandonéon. After 17 tracks over 74 minutes, expect smiles.

1.    Ama    4:58
2.    Drakian    4:59
3.    Arrano fandangoa    3:53
4.    Marea Zumaian    3:33
5.    Mikeldi    4:43
6.    Errauts bihotza    4:12
7.    Errekarriak    4:37
8.    Amilotxa    3:30
9.    Trikua    3:10
10.    Txipiritona    4:19
11.    Sukarrieta    3:03
12.    Animalizkoak    3:54
13.    Garnika    3:14
14.    Sandinderi    4:13
15.    Pottokak    5:53
16.    Mallokuko sua    5:16
17.    Maletak    6:53


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