Sunday, November 27, 2016

Alan Stivell - Live in Dublin (France 1978) @320

By Request

In Dublin is a folk/rock album by Alan Stivell, recorded live at the National Stadium, Dublin, on 26 and 27 November 1974, and originally released in 1975.

The album was produced by Alan Stivell and Peter Rice for Keltia III. It was recorded by Frank Owen on the Island Mobile, and mixed by Howard Kilgour at Island Studios. The original LP release (in the UK, Fontana 9299 547) was cut at Apple Studios, with sleeve photography by Roy Esmonde and Ian Gwenic and design by Alain Batifoulier and Blandine Durand. Packaged with the original LP was a poster drawn by Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

01 - Spered Hollvedel
02 - Delivrance
03 - Ha Konpren't Vin Erfin
04 - Tenwal Eo'r Bed
05 - Digor Eo An Hent
06 - Debhair An Rinceoir
07 - Pachpi Kozh Pachpi New
08 - Laridenn
09 - Ton-Bale Pourled
10 - Bal Ha Dans Plinn
11 - An Droiou

Alan Stivell: Vocals, Harp [Celtic], Bombarde, Flute [Irish], Bagpipes
Padrig Mollard: Bagpipes
Pierre Mayel: Bagpipes
Jacky Thomas: Bass 
Mik Ar Biz & Padrig Sicard: Bombarde
Michel Santangeli: Drums
Dominique Mollard: Drums [Scottish]
Rene Werner: Fiddle, Dulcimer
Alan Kloater: Flute, Bombarde, Other [Biniou Kozh] 
Dan Ar Bras: Guitar [Acoustic & Electric]
Pascal Stive: Organ


CrimsonKing said...

Live in Dublin

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this. Our old Stivell LPs are not really playable any more, so hearing this again is so welcome! We first discovered him back in the 70s, and bought our first albums in a record shop in Morlaix, in Brittany, while we were on holiday there, travelling around with a tent. E Langonned and A l'Olympia are also much missed... Diolch yn fawr!

CrimsonKing said...

My pleasure :)

Unknown said...

Hello again CrimsonKing!
Thanks for the very fast reaction. One of the Stivell records I never heard, so I was looking for it quite a while. And now... ;-)

Jon said...

For some reason and I really don't know why, I've never been able to "get into" Alan Stivell. I'm going to try again with these two posts you've put out. I'll let you know how it turns out.

FC Campbell said...

Oh how wonderful, brings back great memories, a bunch of us from school attended the first concert and now this replaces my worn out LP, a double joy. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for your work!!

Ansina said...

Many thanks!

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