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Alan Stivell - 'Raok Dilestra - Avant D'Accoster [FRENCH VERSION] (France 1977) @320

Vinyl Rip - Not released on CD
(Thank you Thierry!)

'Raok Dilestra is the ninth original album by Alan Stivell and his seventh studio album, released in 1977. It was published on CD in 1992 with a distribution by Dreyfus / Sony Records Music. It is an album-concept, entirely composed by Alan Stivell, retracing the stages of the history of Brittany at first, then the events that the Britons experienced in the twentieth century, finishing, turned towards the future, By a "free Britain" chanted in three languages. A step he considers necessary in his transmission cycle before turning to the future.

Face A - Tu A : Hon Amser-Dremenet (Notre Passé) ( En Enor- Dédié à - Glenmor) 
1 - Ar Gelted Kozh (Les Anciens Celtes) (4:20)
2 - Ar Vritoned 'Ba' Inis-Breizh (Les Britons Dans L'Ile De Bretagne) (1:59)
3 - Les Britons En Armorique (Ar Vritoned D'An Arvorig) (1:25)
4 - Rouantelezh Vreizh (Le Royaume De Bretagne)  (3:22)
5 - Dugelezh Vreizh (Le Duché De Bretagne) (3:04)
6 - Le Traité D'Union Franco-Breton (An Aloubidigezh Gant Bro-C'Hall) (1:03)
7 - Emsawadegoù (Révoltes) (2:11)
8 - La Révolution Française Et Le 19e Siècle (Dispac'H Bro-C'Hall Ag An 19e Kantwed)  (2:25)
9 - Première Moitié Du 20e Siècle (Lodenn Gentan An Ugentwed Kantwed) (2:36)
10 - Eil Lodenn An Ugentwed Kantwed (Deuxième Moitié Du 20e Siècle) (2:36)

Face B - Tu B : Hon Amser-Vreman (Notre Présent)
11 - Da Ewan (A Ewan)  (4:12)
12 - Gwriziad Difennet (Racines Interdites) (3:19)
13 - Marw Ewid E Fobl (Mort Pour Son Peuple) (4:11)
14 - Naw Breton 'Ba' Prizon (Neuf Breton En Prison) (5:03)
15 - Tamm-Kreiz New' (Nouveau Tamm-Kreiz) (1:34)
16 - Plinn (Slogan) (3:11)

Alan Stivell : chant, lecture, harpes celtiques, cornemuse écossaise, bombarde, flûte irlandais, claviers
Dan Ar Braz : guitares électriques et acoustiques, chœurs
Padrig Kerre : mandole, dulcimer, fiddle, chant
André Hervé : claviers
Michel Hervé : basse
Jean-Luc Danna : percussions, batterie
Yann-Jakez Hassold : chant
Maria Popkiewicz : chant
Brigitte Hassold : lecture
Adam Skeaping : violoncelle
Lyn Dobson : flûte traversière, sitar, tablas, psalterion
Richard Harvey : cromorne, flûte à bec
Bagad Bleimor (avec les penn-soner Yann-Fañch ar Merdy et Youenn Sicard)

Naw Breton 'ba' prizon et Gwriziad difennet (pistes 12 & 14) :
Clément Bailly : batterie
Dominique Luro : claviers
Patrick Kiffer : basse
Dave Swarbrick : fiddle
Alain Hatot : saxophone ténor (piste 12)


CrimsonKing said...

Raok Dilestra

Unknown said...

Hello CrimsonKing.
Beautiful record. Thanks again, also to Thierry for his work. If I can return the favour for one or both of you? I have a lot of music, so...
I saw Lynn Dobson, of Soft machine and Third ear band 'fame':-), also plays on this one. I am still looking for Stivell's 'Live in Dublin' album. Any chance on that one?
And last: lot of very nice goodies for me on your blog this last month. Excellent!

julo d. said...

It's possible to find "À l'Olympia" the 1972 live?

Many thanks!!!

CrimsonKing said...

I will.

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