Thursday, November 24, 2016

Gabriel Yacoub - The Simple Things We Said (France 2002) @VBR

By Request.

It is originally an American production (New York label Prime CD) intended for the American market but the album is also available in France (exclusively) via the site of Gabriel Yacoub. The Simple Things We Said is a collection of Gabriel's entirely acoustic songs, new & old, augmented by some unpublished. The album is released mid January 2002 in the United States at the time Gabriel is at the beginning of a US tour of 14 dates.

01 - The Simple Things We Said
02 - Dame  Petite Dame
03 - Le Jeu Des Grillons  Je Serai Ta Lune
04 - Le Garcon Jardinier
05 - Mes Belles Anciennes Compagnes
06 - Letter From America
07 - Ami  Âme  Amen
08 - Pluie D'elle
09 - Jour De Lessive
10 - You Stay Here
11 - Désir
12 - Ces Dieux-Là
13 - Beauté  12Th Song Of The Thunder
14 - Les Choses Les Plus Simples

Gabriel Yacoub: guitar, mandolin, mandocello, autoharp, vocals
Nathalie Rivière: violin, vocals
Yannick Hardouin: bass, mélodica, electric piano, vocals
Gilles Chabenat: vielle à roue
Jean-Claude Auclin: cello
Sylve Berger: vocals
Brian Gulland: bassoon
Nicolaïvan Mingot: slide guitar, guitar J.P. Arnoux—percussion
Kate & Anna McGarrigle: vocals
Elizabeth Boudjema, Virginie Michaud, Pascale Jaupart: strings


CrimsonKing said...

The Simple Things

Jon said...

I've got it and I'm ready to listen to it. Thank you again so much for this.

CrimsonKing said...

Enjoy, my friend.

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