Friday, November 4, 2016

Jean-François Dutertre - 1978 - La ronde des milloraines (Vinyl Rip @320)

Never released on CD

Jean-Francois Dutertre is a French singer-songwriter and player of the hurdy-gurdy, épinette des Vosges, and traditional French music. He also plays the bodhran and the bouzouki.
He has been a member of the band Mélusine and a house collaborator on the disk "Le Chant du Monde".

A1 La ronde des Miloraines
A2 La brèche
A3 Bourrée de Saint Antoine
A4 L'habit noir
A5 Le Petit-Musc
A6 Bruine

B1 La salamandre
B2 La fleur de bruyère
B3 Danse de Morgane
B4 La ville de Falaise
B5 Andaine

Jean-François Dutertre - Zither [Épinette Des Vosges], Hurdy Gurdy, Percussion
Dominique Paris - Bagpipes [Northumbrian Pipes]
Dominique Maroutian - Guitar, Banjo
Dominique Regef - Rebec
Yvon Guilcher - Recorder [Flûtes À Bec, Pipeau], Oboe [Hautbois Rustique]
Marc Rapillard - Violin


Left Blank said...

La ronde de Milloraines

Unknown said...

Hi Left Blank.
Since I read the French magic time guide I am even more into french folk. Unfortunately a lot of it stayed too obscure. So thanks very much for this one! And the others of course... :-)

Anonymous said...

thank you! Great music! Note that you included both the jpeg and the tiff file of the cover scan. The tiff file came with the wrong extension.. jpg.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you a lot! You make me discover very nice musics and make my uncle very happy !

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