Monday, November 21, 2016

Mélusine - 1977 - Lève-toi et danse! (Vinyl Rip) @320

Not available on CD

A1 Rondeaux    
A2 Laridé
A3 En Dro
A4 Bourrées à 2 temps
A5 Rond d'Argenton
A6 Bourrées d'Auvergne

B1 Polkas
B2 En avant-deux
B3 Rond de Saint Vincent
B4 Cercle circassien
B5 Mazurka - mazurka-valse - mazurka


Bodhrán, Bouzouki, Hurdy Gurdy, Vocals, Zither [Épinette Des Vosges] – Jean-François Dutertre
Bodhrán, Oboe [Chalémie], Crumhorn, Oboe, Recorder, Vocals, Bagpipes [Musette Renaissance], Clarinet, Recorder – Yvon Guilcher
Melodeon [Diatonic Accordion], Vocals, Recorder, Zither [Épinette Des Vosges], Bodhrán – Jean-Loup Baly
Violin – Marc Rapillard


Left Blank said...

Mélusine - Lève-toi !

雪狐轩 said...

i love you

Unknown said...

Thanks again Left Blank!

CrimsonKing said...

One more gem! Thank you.

Jon said...

Thank you so so much for these vinyl rips without which this music would be lost to everyone but just the select few who are lucky enough to own the LP. With your generosity they can be enjoyed by all.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero! Ive searched for this off and on for almost 40 years....

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