Friday, November 25, 2016

Pererin - Teithgan (1981 Wales) @320

Awesome second longplayer by Welsh psychedelic folk-rockers Pererin. Traditional Welsh folk meets rock with psychedelic guitar leads, flute, male/female vocals... This was originally released in 1981 on the Gwerin label and for many it is their best work, and it's definitely its rarest one. Exact repro of the original, including the insert. Definitely one of the best albums of the genre, another superb rarity brought to you with a legit reissue by Guerssen.

Pererin biography
PERERIN, meaning "Piligrim" in Welsh, is to Wales what RUNRIG has been to Scotland, only more so. They perform traditional and traditionally inspired original material that combines spiritual and romantic themes with a strong helping of Nationalistic pride and a desire to preserve their own unique culture. They sang only in Welsh, and even English sleeve notes are even hard to find. Their original
LPs command a high price, but recent CD reissues have guaranteed their accessibility and their legacy.
Pererin evolved from a more overtly progressive rock group named BRAN that released three albums between 1975 and 1978, to release three of their own from 1980 to 1982. While PERERIN emphasized the folk element, they were no less
progressive, thanks to thoughtful arrangements that featured plenty of mellotron and mildly acidic electric guitar, imaginative percussion, ambitious song structures, and various mood shifts. The variety of styles explored was impressive, from very traditional to symphonic to country flavoured to just plain eclectic, so unless you have a real aversion to folk or non-English songs, you will find something to like among Pererin's rich if abbreviated legacy.

1. Y Drws (Hearts Door) (4:16)
2. Y Gwr O Gefn Birth (The Man from Cefn Brith) (4:20)
3. Ddoi Di Dei (Will you come Dai) (3:40)
4. Draw Dros Y Bryniau (Far over the hills) (4:02)
5. Mae Nghariad in Fenws (My Love) (3:52)
6. Symffoni Lawen (Joyful Symphony) (3:02)
7. Teithgan (Journey) (5:25)
8. Ble'r Wyt Ti'n Myned (Where are you going my Fair Maid) (4:43)
9. Diferion (A Few Trickles) (1:30)
10. Mynydd Parys (Pary's Mountain) (5:13)

Arfon Wyn ab Eurig - acoustic guitars, vocals
Charli Goodall - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Einion Williams - bodhran, congas
Aneurin Owen - flute, keyboards, backing vocals
Lilo Haf - flute, keyboards, backing vocals


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Thanks Yojik.
Just listened to this. Good record!
Going to try the others too.
Jan (Netherlands)

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