Monday, November 14, 2016

René Werneer - L'Habit De Plumes (France 1977) @320

Vinyl Rip - Not released on CD
(Thank you Thierry!)

In the family, or rather the group of the best French musicians, I ask the violinist ... 
Small reminder of history. René WERNEER, flammande of origin, is basically a traveling musician, which was formed by attending rallies and music artists including folk in the 60s with his friend guitarist Gabriel Yacoub, they are enrolled in the legendary group that accompanied Alan Stivell in the early 70s (for me the biggest francophone group in history), alongside guitarist Dan Ar Braz and drummer Michel Santangeli. Alan dissolved the group in 1975 and some of its former musicians including WERNEER and Ys Santangeli form the group which publishes his only album, Madam Frontier in 1976. The experience is exciting and the least well received, but Rene is unsatisfied. He left Ys becomes Keris, officiates during a small year in Malicorne group of his friend Gabriel Yacoub replacing Laurent Vercambre and share record his first solo album in London, with a few choice of musicians like Alvarez-Claude Pereyre, guitarist Jean-Luc Chevalier (which is found later with Tri Yann), bassist Claude Le Peron (who would later ... with Jean-Jacques Goldman!) and English multi-instrumentalist Brian Gulland who will play later with Malicorne and Gabriel Yacoub. 

1. L'habit De Plumes
2. La Fille Aux Dragons
3. Belle, Je Me Suis Levé
4. Reel De Saint Irénée
5. L'ordre Du Roi
6. Basse Danse D'allevans
7. La Sainte Madeleine
8. Les Métamorphoses

- René Werneer (vocals, violin, organ, harmonium, dulcimer) 
- Claude Alvarez Pereyre (guitars, violin, harmonium, portable organ, Arran) 
- Jean-Luc Chevalier (guitars, bass) 
- Claude Le Peron ( bass) 
- Jean Knight (drums, timpani, drums, tambourine) 
- Brian Gulland (bassoon, crumhorns, flute recorder) 
- Gustav Klarkson (alto) 
- Timothy Kraemer (cello) 


CrimsonKing said...

L'Habit De Plumes

Unknown said...

Hi CrimsonKing.

Requested this one with Left Blank and now you post it. Coincidence?
Well, anyway. Thanks! Impressive cv René has. I heard him in most of the bands you mention. And I like them all!
I assume Brian Gulland is the same one who played in Gryphon?
Looking forward to hearing this one and the other one you posted.

Thanks, also for the info. Much appreciated and give my thanks to Thierry too! :-)

CrimsonKing said...

Hi Jan.
I think it was a concidence. I don't remember your request about these albums.
Yes, he is the great Brian Gulland from the fantastic english group Gryphon.

Thierry was very nice with this contributions.
Very rare albums.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful music.
Best regards

Thierry Moreau said...

Yes Brian Gulland play on the album "L'Habit de plumes" and on the album of Malicorne "Le bestiaire".

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